June 19, 2024

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Wilders’ far-right party is working to significantly strengthen its strength

The anti-immigrant, nationalist “Party for Freedom” (PVV). Wilders heart He is estimated to have significantly consolidated his power, according to exit polls in the European elections Holland It is broadcast by the state broadcaster NOS.

The Freedom Party, which won last year’s national elections but gained one seat in previous European Parliament polls, is expected to elect seven MEPs, one seat fewer than the Labor Party (PvdA)/Green Left (GroenLinks) coalition.

The exit poll has a margin of error of ±1 seat.

In the Netherlands, the four-day European elections process began today in the twenty-seven member states of the European Union. Most analysts’ expectations are similar regarding the rise of nationalist and populist parties that want to dismantle the European Union from within.


Wilders – known for his controversial anti-immigration and anti-Islam stances – said today that if nationalist parties are to be strengthened, they must join forces to fight to change EU regulations and return powers to EU member states.

The official results of the European elections in the Netherlands will be announced when polls close in all EU member states, at midnight Sunday, Greek time.

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