July 14, 2024

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Will this be a PlayStation 6 console? Disclosure of a new Sony patent

Will this be a PlayStation 6 console?  Disclosure of a new Sony patent

Sony may have “locked in” its console design PlayStation 6; And you will reasonably say that the rumors have not arrived yet PS5 Pro How do we know what will happen on PS6?

Obviously we can’t know for sure, but a new patent may point the way where DualSense 2 Or whatever the next version of the DualSense will be called. the GameRantso he dug up a Sony Interactive Entertainment patent filed last week that gives a glimpse In a potential feature for the next PlayStation DualSense controller.

Specifically, the patent describes the controller that would have the ability to do this Stores wireless headphones in different “drawers”., even below the touchpad, indicating that this is not a final design. And at the same time they will be able to do so To charge, as has happened with every wireless headphone in recent years.

Practically, with this feature, there will be no need for separate pairing of the wireless headphones and the controller, as they will be connected at the same time as the controller is opened, while there will be a single update of the battery status and if necessary charging.

“The controller is designed to function as an input device and a device for storing, charging and connecting the headphones“, Sony says in the patent. “Using the controller as a headset stand and headset charger eliminates the need to manage two separate devices. This simplifies the overall user experience as they have one less device to manage connecting to the gaming rig”.

This patent may not be a coincidence as PlayStation recently announced its own wireless headphones pulse exploration, It is the only one compatible with PlayStation Portal, Sony’s remote gaming device.

Whether this is a potential feature for the PlayStation 6 console, or just Sony preparing some revamped versions of the DualSense as it did with the “new” PlayStation 5, which is essentially a “PS5 Slim,” remains to be seen.

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