June 19, 2024

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Windows on Arm PC ad features “I’m Mac” – Qualcomm

Windows on Arm PC ad features “I’m Mac” – Qualcomm

Qualcomm has hired Justin Long for an exciting ad.

Justin Long, the actor who was introduced to us as the embodiment of Macs in old Apple commercials, moved over to the Intel camp a few years ago and I am now looking for a Windows computerbased on Qualcomm processor to get the job done.

During Qualcomm’s keynote presentation at Computex, Long appeared in a short 30-second skit in which he was bombarded with macOS notifications and annoying screens to the point that he began searching for a Snapdragon-powered computer.

Justin Long starred in Apple’s “Get a Mac” TV commercials nearly 20 years ago. Long was the face of the Mac, promoting the embodiment of personal computers (played by actor John Hodgman) collecting viruses and malware, lacking access to creative tools or focusing too much on boring work applications.

“Things are changing,” Long comments on the screen, after she searched for a Windows on Arm PC after struggling with persistent messages on macOS. Notifications include warnings about app compatibility, limited storage, battery charge, and more.

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon included the diagram at the end of the company’s keynote presentation, titled “The PC Renaissance.” He returned to the podium and concluded his speech by saying: “Yes, things are changing, they really are.”

Both Qualcomm and Microsoft have recently sought comparisons with the MacBook Air, with Microsoft providing a series of measurements, in terms of performance, as well as battery life, that demonstrate the confidence the company feels with the new version of Windows on Arm. The new Copilot Plus PCs, built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon

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The new ad comes just a few years after Intel briefly partnered with Justin Long to create new ads in 2021, praising PCs and playfully commenting on Apple’s Touch Bar, lack of multi-screen support and color options for the MacBook with the M1 processor. Intel’s ads were a response to Apple’s decision to stop using Intel processors in Macs last year, when Apple once again turned to John Hodgman to play the role of a PC user, with Apple boasting of its M1 performance and battery life.

It is clear that the rivalry between Mac and PC will have many episodes.

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