July 14, 2024

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With a crazy dream: the great documentary published by Gazeta about the Olympic Games in Europe!

With a crazy dream: the great documentary published by Gazeta about the Olympic Games in Europe!

Bitterness, misfortunes, and exceptions are out of the air. The spark that was there became a flame. On the eve of the Grand Final of the Conference League between Olympiacos and Fiorentina, Gazeta presents a documentary about the Lions that defeated the Ghosts.

Ghosts don’t belong in fairy tales.
They nest deep in the alleys of the soul.
Defeat created them, time nourished them, and memories gave them substance.
They come back when failure occurs again.

But lions don’t believe in ghosts.
No matter how many times they fall, they eventually get up.
They heal their wounds and draw strength from the flock.
No prey can resist them.

Conference League Final, Olympiacos: Gazeta’s fascinating documentary

A little while ago Olympic Face it Fiorentina In his finals European Conference Leaguethe magazine Records with one Separate documentary Its path and the way in which Ghosts They were defeated before the black.

the George Amanatidis Recalling the moments when Olympiacos came close to finishing fourth in the Champions League, he creates his own retrospective of the trajectory of his red and white “family” then and this year. the George Masouras It talks about the day, highlights the key match, and points out the agent of change. the Socrates And Dimitris Tomarastraveling in different capacities to this year’s away games, reveal their memories.

the Kostas Nikolakopoulos He explains what the 88-year-old has changed this year Giannis Polikandriotis He remembers the first match in Europe and is moved by the history Olympiacos – Fiorentina.

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With a crazy dream: Olympiacos in the European League final

direction: Nectarius Statopoulos
Idea scenario: Thanos Saris, Gregoris Battis
Production organization: Thanos Saris
Press treatment: Thanos Saris, Dimitris Tomaras, Notis Chalaris
Texts: Thanos saris
Camera – Audio: Nectarius statobulus, Lambrus stoichius
Editing: Nectarius Statopoulos
Edit the introduction: Vassilis Tsegas
Logo: Christos Zoidis
the pictures: Eurokinesis, Intime

We thank PAE Olympiacos for their assistance and for providing the side camera footage.