February 22, 2024

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Withings BeamO combines 4 medical tools in one device – Asus

Withings BeamO combines 4 medical tools in one device – Asus

After a brief partnership with Nokia in the past, Withings has quietly built an impressive line of expertly designed devices aimed at making monitoring vital signs around a user's health available at home, away from doctor visits.

Despite its quirky name that evokes toys from the 1980s, the BeamO is an example of Withings' recent ambitions in healthcare, which we saw firsthand at CES 2024. Rather than another fitness device or sleeping pad, the BeamO is a new product category for the French company that It allows patients to easily share vital signs with doctors during telehealth consultations.

As Withings explains, this makes perfect sense, given that telemedicine visits increased 15-fold during the pandemic according to US data, even if that rate has slowed since then. The convenience and timeliness of remote care remains better for non-emergency situations than for in-person travel.

Smaller than a smartphone, the BeamO can measure four vital signs, and serves as a thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter and stethoscope in one wearable device, providing doctors with valuable real-time patient information.

As Eric Carrel, CEO of Withings, explains: “BeamO is a device that can provide health information to a patient: “Telemedicine became popular after the pandemic, but remote visits previously lacked the ability to repeat routine checkups over a lifetime. BeamO makes this possible remotely by unifying the functions of four separate medical devices.”

Specifically, the BeamO can read blood oxygen and heart rate simultaneously, perform medical-grade EKGs and more, and display the results on its screen. Audio can also be streamed to doctors via a companion app.

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Withings is still seeking FDA approval for features like AFib irregular heartbeat detection, and if all goes well, the BeamO will be commercially available in July at $250, enhancing the company's health device options that empower patients. .

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