February 20, 2024

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Yemen: Biden “promises” new strikes – Houthis threaten revenge

Yemen: Biden “promises” new strikes – Houthis threaten revenge

American and British aircraft, warships and submarines launched missile strikes in response to attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

The hits hit Airports and other facilities In cities under Houthi control, especially the capital, Sanaa, Hodeidah, a strategic port, Saada, and Taiz, according to information from the Al-Masirah TV network, which is close to the Houthis, and officials in the movement.

the Biden I expressed to her His satisfaction Due to the “successful” missile strikes carried out by the American and British armed forces in Yemen. The UK Prime Minister described the strikes on his part as “limited, necessary and proportionate.” Rishi Sunak.

Biden said that this “defensive” operation took place in… reaction In Houthi attacks on commercial ships passing through the Red Sea, it received “support” from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands.

He warned against this, in a press statement published by his agencies at the White House 'will not hesitate' to 'order further action' If he deems it necessary.

A senior government official said the strikes “specifically” targeted “infrastructure” from which “missiles” and “drones” as well as “radar” are launched.

He also reiterated the American position that Iran It's the main if not Main supporter» To the Shiite insurgency movement and provide them with weapons and information to use in their attacks.


The United States, according to the same official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, “historically bears a special responsibility to defend” sea lanes important for international trade.

He noted that on January 1, President Biden asked his national security team to prepare military “options,” and added that he decided to go ahead with strikes after the “complex” attack launched by the Houthis on January 9.

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On that day, 18 rebel drones and three missiles were destroyed by three American destroyers, the British warship HMS Diamond, and fighter planes escorted by the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“We targeted very specific capabilities in very specific locations with precision munitions,” a senior US military officer told reporters. “To reduce the risk of collateral losses” – which the US military refers to deaths or injuries among civilians.

Biden noted that “these strikes came in direct response to the unprecedented Houthi attacks against international shipping in the Red Sea,” referring to a total of “27 attacks” that struck “more than 50 countries” and forced “more than 2,000 ships to change” of course to avoid This is the marine area.

The US President insisted that before the military operation, they were receiving their salaries, as he put it. Intensive diplomatic efforts


He stated that the United States, along with other countries, had recently addressed it “No warning going on” For the rebels, the UN Security Council adopted before Wednesday a resolution demanding that they “immediately” stop their attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

A press release issued by the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and South Korea said, “Our goal remains to calm tensions and restore stability in the Red Sea.” American presidency.

Sunak: US-British strikes “necessary” and “proportionate”

The US and British strikes in Yemen were against the Houthi rebels, who have intensified their attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea in recent weeks. “Limited, necessary and proportionate”The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said in a statement, Rishi Sunak.

“Despite repeated warnings from the international community, the Houthis have continued to carry out attacks in the Red Sea, including against British and American warships just this week. This cannot continue,” Sunak added in a press release issued by his services at 10 Downing Street. …) We therefore took limited, necessary and proportionate measures in the event of self-defence.”

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps announced via X on Tuesday evening that another frigate, HMS Richmond, was present By sea to the Red Sea To help counter “Iranian-backed Houthi attacks.”

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Prime Minister Sunak said that Royal Air Force aircraft were carrying out air strikes targeting “military facilities in Yemen used by Houthi rebels.”

According to the Minister of Defense, four FGR4 Typhoon fighters carried out “precision strikes” alongside American forces against two Houthi facilities.

He added on X (formerly Twitter): “The threat to innocent lives and global trade has become so great that this operation was not only necessary, but it was our duty to protect ships and freedom of navigation.”

“United kingdom He will always defend “Freedom of navigation and the free flow of trade,” Mr Sunak insisted in his announcement, describing the Houthi attacks as “dangerous” and “destabilizing” because they had caused a “major” problem in a “vital” trade sea route and “they have increased the prices of raw materials.”

An angry Houthi reaction: America and Britain will bear the consequences

Media outlets affiliated with the Shiite rebels quoted the Houthi Deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein Al-Ezzi, as saying: “Our country is facing a large-scale attack from American and British ships, submarines and aircraft.”

He explained, “The United States and Britain must prepare to pay a heavy price and bear dire consequences for this attack.”

The Houthi leader announced yesterday, Thursday, that there would be “retribution” for any attack against his forces.

The spokesman for the Houthi group in Yemen, Muhammad Abdel Salam, explained today that the movement It will continue To target commercial ships if they have a relationship with Israel, while denouncing the “unjustified” strikes, according to him, launched by the American and British armed forces on the movement’s facilities in various cities.

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He added, “There is no justification for this attack on Yemen, because there is no threat to international navigation in the Red Sea (…) The target (the Houthis) was and will continue to be Israeli ships heading to Yemeni ports.” Occupied Palestine,” he confirmed on the X website (former Twitter).

Saudi Arabia calls for “restraint.”

Saudi Arabia announced that it is monitoring developments in neighboring Yemen with “concern” and called for “restraint.”

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press statement that the Kingdom is “following with concern the military operations in the Red Sea and strikes on a number of facilities” in Yemen, calling for “restraint” and believing that “escalation must be avoided.” ».