May 21, 2024

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Yiannis Zouganelis: I can’t find a party to vote for

Yiannis Zouganelis: I can’t find a party to vote for

With his exuberant speech, as we have been accustomed to for many years, Mr Yannis Zouganelis On Wednesday night she was a guest on the show “Kalitera Arga” and talked about everyone and everything.

“Songs that talk about drugs, about politics, about their dicks, about sizes, and that I’m better than you because I have drug tips and more space… Excuse me, political correctness doesn’t exist for them? The new kids listen to trap because they don’t have a way to do it,” he said at the beginning. Another for rebellion,” he continued: “There are ‘discounts’ now. I’m not very real while I was. I have become more social. I can’t be an introvert. I feel rushed and I don’t like it. With my daughter, I was pushy with a classmate who said she didn’t have a voice. The media has done me good and bad. I went to talk and they are making another edit. One time I was called to the police because I said there was sex tourism. My expression was wrong, and I could not easily find a party to vote for. “I constantly had proposals to join the government,” he said.

Speaking about his partner of 42 years and the mother of his daughter, he said: “Isidora Cederi told me that she does not want me to call her a partner, but a partner. I give her all the caress but no one for me. I am a fruitful man. In our relationship there is absolute freedom. Freedom makes a man loyal. When You do not have freedom, you seek it with others.”

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As for Mykonos in his childhood, he said: “I first went to Mykonos at night when I was a 5-year-old child with my grandmother Francesca, an imaginary woman. Another world. 60 years ago. Goats and people together. Beautiful house, fuzzy bed, no refrigerators. “Mykonos depends on Delos with people who have welcomed everyone.”

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