June 19, 2024

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“You are so blinded by your hatred of Bartzukas, that you have no respect for the memory of Dermanis.”

“You are so blinded by your hatred of Bartzukas, that you have no respect for the memory of Dermanis.”


Giorgos Matthews/Eurokinesi

Christos Pavis blasted through his official account on social media, on the occasion of reports that Giorgos Bartzokas did not respect the memory of Paris Dermanis and did not place a rose, saying that hatred against the “Reds and Whites” artist blinded the world.

The death of Paris Dermanis has sent Panathinaikos and Greek basketball into mourning. Olympiacos honored the memory of the “Greens’ caretaker” by placing white roses. However, a series of publications reported that Giorgos Bartzokas refused to do so, showing disrespect to the memory of Paris Dermanis, which turned out not to be the case. This led to the explosion of Christos Bouvet.

The sports director of Olympiacos exploded with a post on his official Twitter account, in which he attacked those who repeated this particular story, stressing that the existing hatred towards the “red and white” technician blinded them.

Olympiacos sporting director wrote in detail:

In front of the dead there are some rules even in the worst societies. The hatred you have for Giorgos Bartzokas is so blinding that you do not even respect the memory of the late Paris Dermanis in order to achieve your goal. Same thing on you.

Since I was the one who gave the flower to the coach to place on the chair in which Paris was sitting, the conversation that took place between us from the beginning was that this would take place either when he entered the field or when the two presented the teams and greeted the coach Ataman.

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He told me he would do the second, and for this flower he put himself in the Cube of Changes, so that he might get it at the right moment. Don’t you respect the dead even in your pursuit of your goal? Don’t you have any morals? Stop polluting our society. “There’s enough hate.”.

See this post:

It is noteworthy that Christos Pavis was quick to bid farewell to Paris Dermanis and express his condolences for the loss of the acting “Greens” via Twitter, even publishing a post from Panathinaikos Actor.