June 21, 2024

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You won’t believe your eyes that this game is actually real! (video)

You won’t believe your eyes that this game is actually real!  (video)

Last year, a short 45-second video of a game in development that didn’t have a full name made the rounds online! In fact, a developer’s video went viral so well, with nearly 10 million views, that people couldn’t believe their eyes if it was game graphics or real-life footage.

Now the project has a name and a regular development team behind it. Known unregistered , Which once again managed to become the number one topic of discussion in gaming circles, shocking social media!

This is a file Single player FPS which tells the story of a police officer from the point of view of the body camera he wears. So players will have to fight to solve a complex case and test their tactical skills and way of thinking as a detective.

Unrecord is being developed by DRAMA, a French studio led by Alexandre Spindler, who posted the original video that went viral on Twitter last year for its graphics. The game uses an original aiming system that allows for free aiming and unlimited hand movements, creating an experience that makes you feel like you are watching real camera footage.

However, Unrecord isn’t just about photography and its graphics. The game also features complex dialogue, innovative gameplay mechanics, and challenging moral dilemmas. Unrecord’s story can be compared to a crime novel or a thriller, with multiple twists and different characters. Players will have to make choices that will affect their experience, even during combat.

Unrecord is still in development, but you can already put it on your Steam wishlist. It is expected to be launched sometime in 2023.

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