February 22, 2024

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Zodiac signs 09/02 Meditation Day – Detailed forecasts for each sign – Astroguide

Zodiac signs 09/02 Meditation Day – Detailed forecasts for each sign – Astroguide

Late tonight there is a new moon in Aquarius. If you are thinking of doing important work, it would be a good idea to plan it for tomorrow or even better for the next day. Step into meditation today and think about the “seeds” you want to plant to bear fruit in the next 28 days. Zodiac signs and ascendants in detail. . .

For pregnancyThe Moon in Aquarius prompts you to deal with social issues and bring your thoughts outward. You can do whatever you want but because tonight's new moon is late at night it is best to wait a few days before making any final decisions.

For TaurusWork issues and issues related to your career may concern you today. It's not the right day to do important work, so wait at least until tomorrow.

For GeminiThe need to enjoy the things you will do today will guide your steps. However, it would be good if you organize yourself well and do not expect others to fully support something that is your desire. Work independently and wait until tomorrow to take important actions.

For cancerThere are a lot of things changing right now and it may feel a little like a meteorite until things settle down. This doesn't mean you should stand still, just be receptive to new data and wait until tomorrow to take important actions.

For LeoThe moon in front of you and the rest of the planetary events affect you directly, especially in areas where cooperation and communication generally take place with others. Give space and time to situations before any action, it is better to plan it from tomorrow onwards.

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For those born under VirgoYou should look at the work issue or anything that motivates you in your daily routine with a more open mind at this time. There is a new moon late tonight so it would be best to wait until tomorrow to take any action.

For LibraThe Moon in Aquarius supports actions that have an independent and liberating character. Give your energy to what can give you happiness and help you feel more confident about what you do but schedule it starting tomorrow and after the new moon.

For ScorpioToday, avoid anything related to your personality, your home, or your family. Look at things more superficially, and if something accuses you, try to put it aside. Make space for what can keep you balanced until tomorrow when the new moon comes.

For Sagittarius, communicating today can help you take a step forward in something that interests you at this time. However, you should not persist too much in the face of the difficulty or dilemma that may arise. Put aside that the problem will not be “solved”, and the important actions are best left to be done from tomorrow onwards.

For CapricornValue issues are on the table and you should consider them very carefully before making any decision. It would also be good not to give too much importance and waste your energy on situations that objectively do not matter much to you especially today which is a day of meditation.

For AquariusThe moon in your sign pushes you to engage only in what can help your image and projection. It would be nice to follow this path and do things for you, but it is better to remain in your thoughts today and planned actions from tomorrow onwards.

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For whaleDifferent thoughts may be running through your mind today and you need to do some sorting before coming to any conclusions. Respect your time and personal needs.