June 26, 2024

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17.7 million euros in Arsakeio has suspended its operation for a month for repairs.

17.7 million euros in Arsakeio has suspended its operation for a month for repairs.

State Council for A month Its operation shall be suspended by a decision of the Minister of Justice George FloridisIt is being temporarily moved due to major repair works that started at Arsakeio Megaro on Panepistimiou Street, which has been maintained since 1993.

The signature of the ministerial decision is awaited, which will determine the exact period for the termination of the operation of the CoE. According to the data so far, the functioning of the Supreme Court will be suspended for 20 days from the end of June next to July 2024. The exact time to stop this activity depends on the progress of the construction projects. Building to be converted by SC.

Transferred to SC 2 buildings in the center of Athens. One building (the central part) will be at the intersection of Sophocles and Aiolo streets (formerly Emporiki Bank and today Alfa Bank), opposite the old stock market and has an area of ​​7,700 square meters. Monthly rent only 200,000 euros. This means that the annual rent will rise to 2.4 million euros and for at least four years – in the best case – Arsakei will need repairs, the total rent will rise to 9.6 million euros.

Meeting rooms, conference rooms, electrical installations, room dividers etc. are being constructed in Sophocles building.

However, this means that the Central IT Department (IT Department), i.e. the Integrated Judicial Case Management System (IMSMS), will remain in Arsakeios Megaro during repairs. The system supports the CoE electronically and serves as a link to the First Instance Administrative Courts and Appellate Courts.

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The second building to be converted as part of the CoE On Hippocrates Street, Inside the gallery Leaving University. Previously, this building housed the Ministry of Agriculture and until recently the “Hondos Center” store. The lease for the premises on Hippocrates Street will be for 5 years and will essentially be assisted by Assistant Judges, first time State Counsellors.

The site on Hippocrates Street has an area of ​​650 square meters. And the monthly rent is 10,000 euros, which means 120,000 euros per year and 600,000 euros in five years. In total, for these two buildings, the rent is 10.2 million euros and other necessary expenses.
Also, office equipment, computers etc. should be purchased for accommodation of assistants.

Cost of repairs

The repairs of the Arsakeio mansion, announced by the Ministry of Justice, had an initial budget of 13.2 million euros, with financing from the Development and Resilience Fund. However, 4.5 million euros were additional funding, bringing the total amount of building repairs in Arsakeo to 17.7 million euros.

The contract for the restoration of Arsake was signed with the contractor of the company “B & C Development” with an agreement that the building would not be vacated. That is, while the court continues to function, the correction will be carried out. But it was later discovered that repairs could not be made while the court was operating. Thus, it was decided to vacate the Arsake building.