June 13, 2024

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War in Israel: Tribute to 23-year-old Eden Ben Ruby killed at peace ceremony

War in Israel: Tribute to 23-year-old Eden Ben Ruby killed at peace ceremony

Video From the final moments of the 23-year-old of Greek descent, Eden Penn RubyHours before she lost her life at a peace ceremony Israel, to the public. Neither she nor her friends could have imagined that a few hours later they would fall dead under fire from Hamas militants.

The 23-year-old was with his group at the time of the attack They ran to a shelterThe terrorists forced them to come out by spraying chemicals. Moments later, they all met a gruesome death.

He announced the news of his death Embassy of Israel in Athens.

Eden came first Thessaloniki, but grew up in Israel. Greece was running on its nerves for this and often traveled to our country. He understood Greek For several years he visited the Jewish camp in Litochoro, according to the open statement of Eleftheria Spiraki.

What her ex-partner and friend say

The Former partner He talks to her in shock at OPEN about her loss. “It was It’s hard to say goodbye to her Today… she was missing for four days, until two days ago when she found her lifeless body and informed us. I knew she went to the festival and I didn’t follow her because I don’t go to those kinds of concerts,” he recounted at the beginning.

«I can’t handle it. Eden is a wonderful girl, quality, always warm, smiling, loving. He is a professional artist-painter. He will be in all of our hearts forever,” he concluded.

From her side, Eden’s friend Says: “How could you do so much harm to such a sweet person. We will miss you, but we will never forget you. Our hearts are still full of love and this is our counterattack. No matter how much hate they spread, you don’t deserve it. You were an angel on earth.” I hope you have a good heaven, we love you so much Eden.’

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