May 22, 2024

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30 municipalities in the country raised the flag of Palestine

30 municipalities in the country raised the flag of Palestine

The Municipality of Salandario celebrated this year, as in previous years, the May 15, 1948 Memorial Day. “Nakba” raising the flag of Palestinealong with 30 other municipal authorities across the country.

“Nakba” refers to the violent removal of Palestinians from their homes during the two years 1947-1949. After the British withdrawal from Palestine and the establishment of the state of Israel, 15,000 Palestinians died, 950,000 were forcibly displaced and 481 Palestinian towns and villages were completely destroyed, leaving people without a homeland to return to. Homeland.

The municipal administration has emphasized. This symbolic movement of raising the Palestinian flag takes on particular significance as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people, who have lost at least 35,000 dead, including 14,000 children, more than 75,000 injured and 8,000 missing, while dozens of hospitals and schools have been leveled. From the beginning, seven months ago, a brutal murderous attack against 2,000,000 civilians”.

“The municipality of Salandario, together with 30 municipalities across the country, celebrates the anniversary of the Nakba and raises the flag of Palestine at the city hall, as a minimal sign of respect and solidarity for the Palestinian people who are bleeding so hard. Even humanitarian aid is destroyed before it reaches the women, children and elderly in need, walking away. Coming military action, hardship and hunger toll.

The Municipality of Salandrio stands up for the Palestinian people, calls for an end to the genocide and the immediate return of the “Hydra” battleship to Greece. Our country has nothing to do with the crimes. According to the recent decision of the UN General Assembly and the unanimous decision of the Greek Parliament in 2015, to recognize the State of Palestine”.

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As the Mayor of Salandario, Simos Roussos, said: “As the terrorist state escalates its murderous attacks against civilians, silence is complicity. We are not silent. This is the minimum we have to pay to people tested by war, occupation and refugees.”

Municipal officials raising the flag of Palestine

30 Greek municipalities hoisted the Palestinian flag on their mayor’s offices today. Responding to an invitation from the Palestinian Embassy in Athens.

According to the embassy announcement, the municipalities that have raised the Palestinian flag are:

Ilion, Salandrio, Caesariani, Zografo, Nea Smyrni, Kalithea, Siderio, Petropoli, Agistrio, Distomo – Arachova – Antigra, Nisyros, Lake Plastra, Patras, Agathonisi, Serres, Dirbio – Meszabia, Mylopodoskaria, Ierapetra, Agios Vassiliou, Nikolaos Skoufas, Rhodes, Lokron, West Mani, Kalamaria, Milos and Tirnavos.

“This kind of expression of solidarity further strengthens the historic and enduring friendship between the Greek and Palestinian peoples based on common values ​​of democracy, human rights, justice, peace and protection of international law and principles of law,” he says. Inside Youssef Dorhom, the Palestinian ambassador in Athens, announced.

At the same time, Dorhom Mr Calls on the Greek government to join other European governments in recognizing a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders With East Jerusalem as its capital, it must be spared A two-state solution.

“The Israeli occupation continues its systematic policy of oppression, apartheid and colonialism since 1948, carrying out aggressive military operations in the occupied Palestinian territories: Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem,” the Palestinian ambassador said.

“As we commemorate the 76th year of the Nakba disaster of May 15, 1948, our message is clear. “We will remain deeply rooted in the land of our forefathers, in our homeland, Palestine. Palestinian history and culture cannot be destroyed, and with the firm will of our people we will continue to pursue our rights: the right of return, the right to self-determination, freedom, justice and freedom.”

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