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New IDs: How to make an appointment to issue – the full process

New IDs: How to make an appointment to issue – the full process

All Greeks are obliged to get new identity cards and the process has already started.

Citizens can enter With TaxisNet Codes, you can request to issue a new ID card or change it due to change in information, expiration, wear or age.

In this way citizens are given the opportunity to schedule their appointment digitally.

In the booking mode, the details of the natural person attending the appointment for issue/replacement of ID must be filled.

If the ID card is lost or stolen, contact the relevant agency and a police station employee will book you the first available appointment.

When will existing ID cards expire?

August 2026 is the deadline for having a new ID card and after August 6, 2026, the old ID card will no longer have the validity of the ID card, which means that a citizen travel document cannot be generated. Travel abroad.

Login with taxisnet codes

When entering The citizen has to select the area to which he belongs, the regional division and the police department to which he wants to issue the new ID card.

After selecting the above information, the police station where he wants to schedule his appointment will appear on the screen, while he has to declare his personal information, name, address, email, phone number.

Finally, he should mention the reason for which he wants to issue the identity card.

That is, if he wants to issue a new ID card, due to wear and tear, expiry, change of any element or replacement of the old ID card.

How do you make an appointment?

In his application, the interested party chooses a issuing authority based on the address of permanent or temporary residence in Greece, a specific date and time, and registers the following details of the person for delivery in person. Meeting people: name, email address and optionally phone number. A third party can book an appointment, although the citizen must be present for service.

New identities

* Upon submission of the request, an email will be sent to verify the email provided by the interested party. Subsequently, he receives the basic information to handle the procedure and the contact details of his chosen issuing authority in a confirmed email.

* Appointment scheduling request can be rescheduled or canceled or resubmitted up to eight (8) hours in advance. Twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the scheduled meeting and two (2) hours prior, interested parties will receive a reminder message from the Platform to their registered email address.

It is clarified that a time gap is maintained between appointments of interested parties to the same ID card issuing authority, sufficient to complete one meeting before starting the next meeting. Times and days of available appointments are subject to change, taking into account restrictions on opening hours and availability of the issuing authority, based on time slots and work level.

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It is important to note that especially in case of loss or theft of the police ID card, the citizen should contact the competent issuing authority based on the address of his permanent or temporary residence in Greece and request to schedule an appointment. Issuance of new card.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do I have to provide ID card?

All Greek citizens who live or temporarily reside in Greece and have reached the age of 12 must provide an identity card.

The duty to issue an identity card to persons who have reached the age of 12 years belongs to their parents and legal guardians.

Where can I apply for issue of my identity card?

Identity cards are issued:

a) For the areas of Attica and Thessaloniki within the security sector of the residence of the interested party.

b) Deputy Directorate for other parts of the country or Department of Defense at the residence of the interested party.

In the absence of such services, identity cards are issued by the Police Department holding security responsibilities at the residence of the person concerned and in the absence thereof, by the Deputy Directorate of Police. The area in question.

How many times can I visit the Competent Authority to issue my new Identity Card (ID1)?

Operating hours are common to all issuing authorities in the region and are as follows:

Identity offices are open daily in the morning (01/04-30/09 07:00-14:30 in summer and 01/10-31/03 in winter) 07:30-15:00. Exception on Wednesdays operating from 14:00 to 20:30 to serve working citizens. Also, priority is given to students every Saturday from 08:30 to 13:00.

Before going to the issuing authority, you need to schedule your visit through the online platform as described in the next question.

In case of theft or loss, follow the instructions in question 8.

What should I do before going to the competent authority to issue my identity card?

For your convenience and to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, you should schedule your visit to the issuing authority of your permanent or temporary residence.

For this purpose, you need to visit the online platform to log in using your personal codes – Digital Government Credentials (TAXISnet Codes) of Ministry of Information Systems and Digital Government.

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Search for the Issuing Authority of your permanent or temporary residence and select the day and time you wish to go there to submit your application.

Through the same platform, you can change the date and time of your appointment or cancel it.

You will receive an automated message to the email address you provided one day and two (2) hours prior to your scheduled visit to remind you of your appointment.

If the identity card is stolen or lost, contact the issuing authority of your permanent or temporary residence directly (find the telephone numbers of the services here) as soon as possible.

Can I schedule an appointment for someone else?

Yes, you can also schedule an appointment on behalf of another person.

In this case, you will log into the same electronic platform with your TAXISnet codes, but when prompted, you will fill in the details of the person to whom you wish to issue a new ID card.

This way, the employee of the Issuing Authority will know who has the appointment at all times and will be able to inform them if any change needs to be made for any reason.

In case of loss/theft, there is no need to book an appointment through the online platform.

What are the supporting documents required to issue a new Identity Card (ID1)?

To issue a new identity card, you need to submit the following supporting documents in person to the issuing authority of your permanent or temporary residence:

a) Photograph, in digital format.

The photo can be taken directly at the issuing authorities or you can contact a certified professional photographer who will upload your photo to’s myPhoto app.

In this case, the photographer will give you a code number, which you must match with your VAT number through the myPhoto app.

This procedure is necessary so that an officer of the Competent Issuing Authority can search your photograph.

b) Application – Notice of Liability, which will be issued to you by the issuing authority.

Based on your request, an official search for census data will be conducted through the information system “Citizens Register” of the Ministry of Interior to issue the required card. The application will be printed and asked to sign.

c) Application for issue of Identity Card will be issued to you by the Issuing Authority.

The application is completed by the competent issuing authority based on your information obtained from the information system “Citizens Register” of the Ministry of Interior or from the certificate of the municipality in whose census you are registered.

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After you sign it electronically (with a digital signature on special equipment), it will be printed and you will be asked to confirm the accuracy of the information in it and sign it by hand.

d) Electronic Receipt of 10 Euros.

To issue each card, an electronic receipt is required in favor of the government, which is 10 euros (receipt type: [1894] – “Issuance of Greek citizen’s identity card”), which corresponds to the cost of the body of the card, its printing costs – personalization and its safe transport cost.

If you have several children (a quality must be shown by appropriate proof, e.g. a book of several children), the fee you have to pay is half, 5 euros (type of fee: [1895] – “Issue of a Greek citizen’s identity card (multiple children)”.

In addition, the required stamp of the Hellenic Police, 0.50 euros, is affixed to the surrender application (parabolus type: [2043] – “Application (Tab) for Issuance of Identity Card of Greek Citizen (Official HEL.AS.)”.

To issue all the above receipts, you need to connect to an e-receipt service.

If the wrong license is issued, you can claim a refund.

e) Old style identity card

To issue a new ID card, the old ID card (blue card) must be presented and surrendered.

I am about to get an identity card for the first time in my life. What documents are required?

You will need all the supporting documents listed in question 6 and a witness to confirm your details. A witness can be any adult, provided he/she carries a valid identity document.

If the extradition request concerns a minor, only one of the two parents or a custodian or guardian can be a witness. In the case of custody or guardianship, legal documents proving custody or guardianship of the minor must be shown.

How long does it take to issue a new ID card?

All new ID cards will be printed with the highest security and quality at the Directorate of Passports and Security Documents of the Hellenic Police Headquarters in Kaisariani Attica.

It takes 7 days from the date you submit your application to the department in your area to receive your new card.

Once your new ID is issued to you, all the services and institutions connected to it like AADE, GOV.GR WALLET etc. will be notified automatically through the Interoperability Center of Ministry of Digital Governance.

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