May 21, 2024

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Ilion: Abduction of parents of 4 minors from security system

Ilion: Abduction of parents of 4 minors from security system

An announcement by “Smile of the Child” noted that four minors were abducted by their parents from a child protection center in Ilion.

Four minor children have been abducted by their parents, as reported by “Child’s Smile” from the Child Protection Center in Ilion.

It is about minors Michael RB6 years old, Odysseus RB4 years old, George RB2 years old and Constantine RB3 years old.

The mother of four made this complaint.

Following a prosecutor’s order, the children were placed at the Special Child Protection Center in Ilion and have been missing since 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, but were reported that evening by “Baby’s Smile.”

Following the orders of the prosecutor, the body immediately activated the Amber Alert Hellas mechanism as there were very serious reasons to endanger their lives.

The Michael RB, 6 years old with brown eyes and black hair, wearing black jeans and a white top. He is 1.10 tall.

The Odysseus RB, 4 years old has brown eyes and brown hair. She was wearing black sweat pants and a yellow and gray top. It is one meter high.

The George RB, 2 years old with black eyes and black hair, wearing dark blue pants and a yellow blouse. It is about one meter tall.

The Constantine RB3 years old, black eyes and black hair, wearing blue jeans, a gray top and one meter tall.

Anyone with information is asked to get in touch.”A child’s smile24 hours a day on the “European Hotline for Missing Persons”, at All Police Departments of the country But also through the Missing Alert app where there is live notification of missing persons.

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