July 22, 2024

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30th Havana Book Fair closes

30th Havana Book Fair closes

Article read:

Literature, drama, music presentations, workshops and exhibition-sales vary from today to the last day. 30 Havana International Book Fair, 10 days after operations.

Listed as the Guest Country of Honor for the Great Festival of Letters held on the island of Mexico, the efforts to allow the public to learn and deepen about their culture are varied.

The event confirmed the relations between the two countries and their respective governments, which, according to Alejandro Frosto, Cultural Secretary to the Government of Mexico, are united by common desires and beliefs.

Companies like House of the Americas They dedicated a special program to their agenda to enhance the presence of Mexican personalities in the center’s publications and archives.

The Cultural Institute held a meeting with the author of the Aztec Mario Pellet, who presented his books Wild Texts and The Uruguayan Book of the Dead (Jose Maria Arcuadas Award, Casa de los Americas, 2015) and opened the வா Viva Mexico Exhibition! Mexican folk art.

Juan Rodriguez, President of the Cuban Book Institute, confirmed the efforts of Cuban cultural institutions working on more than 900 literary innovations and had more than 276 guests from 32 countries.

After the restrictions imposed by Govt-19, illustrators, poets, storytellers and other experts from the field came here to exchange experiences.

The San Carlos de la Cabana Castle was also the main venue for the event, through the Havana Historical Center, Cuba’s Jos Martி National Library, the Cuban Pavilion, and the Cuban Writers ‘and Artists’ Union.

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