June 26, 2024

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Joe Biden and AMLO are trying to coordinate in the face of the border migration crisis

Joe Biden and AMLO are trying to coordinate in the face of the border migration crisis

First change:

US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with his Mexican envoy Andrés Manuel López Obrador this Friday, April 29, a few days before the AMLO summit, to co-ordinate and address the US summit on tackling the border migration crisis. United States and Cuba.

The leaders talked for almost an hour about the “importance” of the regional mission to “guarantee a secure and sustainable livelihood for their citizens and immigrants,” the Mexican government said in a statement following the re-emphasized proposal by the left-wing Mexican president.

“Efforts to create jobs in Central America and expand legal avenues for immigrants and refugees,” the report said, reiterating the dialogue between the leaders.

Earlier, a White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said in a 52-minute, “highly constructive” tone, “Migration and Continuing Tasks” were about economic integration and measures to reduce displacement. Border.

On Twitter, Lopez Obrador said the conversation was “sweet.”

The Mexican report pointed out that they also addressed cross-border production chains under the trade agreement they share with Canada at T-MEC, which has suffered from differences in standards and norms in each country during tough controls caused by the epidemic.

“They have made progress in strengthening North American supply chains and modernizing our shared borders to further strengthen our agricultural and commercial activities,” he added.

“We have to believe”

The migration crisis is one of the major problems for both the United States and Mexico.

The U.S. Office of Customs and Border Protection estimates that 7,800 undocumented immigrants per day cross the border into Mexico in the past three weeks, almost five times higher than the 2014-2019 average before the Govt epidemic. -19.

And that number could increase in May, under which the United States will repeal the Health Regulation (Chapter 42), which deports almost all illegal immigrants. This deviation is causing blisters among Republicans and blisters among some Democratic congressmen from states bordering Mexico.

“The presidents reiterated the need to create stronger tools for managing regional migration spikes. .

He emphasized that the “shared goal” was to “improve the ability of the region’s countries to manage their borders in accordance with humanitarian and security objectives.”

Summit of the United States

Prior to the meeting, an unnamed official promised that the two leaders would discuss and review the priorities for the US summit scheduled for June in Los Angeles in the context of the economic impact of the war in Ukraine. Ways for post-epidemic economic recovery in the region.

Precisely, Lopez Obrador will travel to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Cuba next week.

The following Monday, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Abbott will travel to Washington to “advance affairs” ahead of the conference.

Both countries are interested in mobilizing a broad response in the United States, and “we are working closely with Mexico and other key partners to reflect on a sense of shared responsibility for the future, leaning towards the future,” the official said. .

“Over the past year, we have worked very hard to rebuild bilateral relations between our companies,” the official said, adding that he believes former Republican President Donald Trump’s cooperation mechanisms with Mexico did not work during the previous administration.

“We have a strong and forward-looking economic agenda in the framework of high-level economic dialogue,” he said, adding that “we are committed to strengthening supply chains and moving our economies toward future businesses.”

This does not preclude conflicts between Mexico and its main trading partner. The Mexican government does not follow Washington’s call for a strong and common front against Russia for occupying Ukraine and maintains a very neutral position.

“We expect them to join us in what the Kremlin is doing,” the official said, but noted that there were points of agreement and recalled that Mexico had condemned the invasion in multilateral forums.

The matter was not mentioned in the Mexican government statement.

Mexico was one of 58 countries that did not vote in the referendum that led to Russia’s expulsion from the UN Human Rights Council. AMLO, better known by its abbreviated name, claims that this body “failed” to prevent that war.

(With AFP)

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