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A baby dies in Arta: A moment of forgiveness for a grieving father – a moment everyone at the hospital bowed down to

A baby dies in Arta: A moment of forgiveness for a grieving father – a moment everyone at the hospital bowed down to

The father of the infant who died in Arta is expected to apologize today.

With the tragedy that has shocked the nation, there are no words to describe the feelings of the parents and relatives of the infant who died in Arta. A grieving father who left a 5.5-month-old girl in his car for hours and who lost her life last Tuesday as a result is expected to apologise, Friday.

The father, who is in a very bad psychological state and is being treated at the Artus Hospital’s psychiatric clinic, is expected to apologize to the inquest this Friday after being given a deadline to apologize. The 37-year-old has been charged with murder.

The child’s mother is in a similar situation and is being treated in the same hospital but in a different ward.

According to reports, during the post-mortem examination at the Ioannina University Hospital, the child experienced suffocation, sweating, suffocation in the lungs, suffocation, coughing, difficulty breathing, hypoxia, pulmonary edema leading to cardiac arrest. Tachycardia and cyanosis due to hypoxemia.

Father’s first words

The child’s father and mother were married in a civil marriage, while they wanted to marry in a religious wedding in the next period, especially in the summer, and baptize their daughter at the same time.

The father kept repeating “I want to be in my child’s place” and was transferred to a psychiatric hospital, where he was initially detained in a special ward.

The mother continued to listen to her child, who was in shock, and was given appropriate medication to calm her down.

On Wednesday morning, 37-year-old Arta was taken to court and given a deadline.

“We started from home at 07:00. Instead of turning left at the nursery, I turned right to work. The child in the back seat must have been sleeping, he didn’t cry, I couldn’t hear him. The seat was low and I couldn’t see through the mirror,” the father was quoted as saying during the trial.

His first words after the tragedy were said to be, “No one should have to experience this situation.” He used to park his car at a certain place, his work place. The fateful morning did the same.

Photo taken from where the grieving father parked his car

The car in which the father had left the child was at a pedestrian crossing, but its windows were tinted so that even if someone drove by, it was difficult to see the child, and no one could hear him crying.

According to the 37-year-old’s lawyer, the father was very tired after his wife had a minor accident in the past few days. The 37-year-old does not usually take the child to the nursery, however, due to his wife’s accident, he also took on this duty.

The moment everyone collapsed in the hospital

For three days, the parents of the 5.5-month-old infant were hospitalized in different wards and different floors of Artas Hospital.

The 27-year-old mother has been asking to see her husband since Wednesday. Their meeting on Thursday morning took place in a particularly tense atmosphere after the police gave permission.

They met for the first time after losing their baby and hugged and cried, and in a moment everyone in the hospital bowed.

The couple’s first meeting took place in a special area of ​​the hospital and lasted about 15 minutes.

As Michalis Giannakos, head of POEDIN, reported to MEGA: “Yesterday (the day before yesterday) the mother is fine, she started giving her husband painkillers and asked to see him. I saw him today at 10 am. Also, the mother asked and saw her husband again in the afternoon. “

Especially regarding the condition of the father, Mr. Gianakos said: “The father is in a bad condition, in shock. Doctors have cleared both parents to attend the child’s funeral.

The majesty of a mother’s soul

This shocks the greatness of the soul of the mother of the 5.5-month-old child, who reportedly appealed to the courts to appear with him to support him psychologically. It is not yet known whether the doctors will comply with his request.

A family friend of the grieving parents spoke to Megha about the much-loved couple.

“They are the most loving couple I know. Two beautiful children. No one can believe what is happening to them. I spoke to her and she told me that her husband loves the child more than her,” she said.

According to a family friend of the couple, the mother thinks she can support her husband, who is in a bad psychological state.

First the baptism on Saturday, then the funeral

The child will be buried at his mother’s native village Pertikorachis at 12:00 noon on Saturday. Since the child was not baptized, she was first given the name Lydia – Eleni. You know, when a child dies without being baptized, this is common in most parts of the country.

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