June 1, 2023

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The difference between New Democracy and Syriza in the poll was 5.8 points Caper Research It took place between May 5-9 with a sample of 1202 people across 13 regions of the country.

Election 2023: Percentage of victory and performance

To the question, “If the parliamentary elections are held next Sunday, which party will you vote for?”, H New Democracy collected 31.6%The SYRIZA 25.4% when PASOK 8.5% is fourth KKE with 6.6% Parliamentary entry limit passed by both Greek solution containing 3.8% As well as the Day 25% It registers a rate of 3.5%. At the same time, 9.2% declared “I have not decided”, with four parties (National Formation, Freedom Sailing, EAN and Nikkei) recording a percentage between 1 and 1.3%.

Success precedes performance New Democracy 60% and so on Syriza 41% of respondents with 19% indicating that they want him as Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis and 33% for Alexis Tsipras. 24% say “No”.

Regarding the question of Which government do you want?, 29% answered “autonomous government of New Democracy” and 28% “cooperation government with Syriza”. At the same time, 14% say they prefer a coalition government with the ND center and 8% an independent SYRIZA government.

They are also interested Respondents’ responses to the state of the Greek economy Today compared to four years ago. 51% say it is bad or worse, while 45% think it is good or better

Regarding the four-year crisis management account h Government Basically passes the base Greek-Turkish It collects The percentage of positive or positive ratings is 51%. As for the administration done In an accident in Tempe And Wire graft case 23% and 24% rate it positively or positively. In International spread of the coronavirus was rated positively by 42%, while only 28% responded that the government handled accuracy and inflation positively or positively.

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