July 14, 2024

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A clever woman’s trick to getting a clean oven

A clever woman’s trick to getting a clean oven
A clever woman’s trick to getting a clean oven

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One woman shared a clever hack to clean the oven efficiently. Her advice video went viral on TikTok and Instagram. Internet users expressed their admiration for this technology, which they say “changed their lives.”

For most people, cleaning the oven is not the most enjoyable job. However, one woman has shown how the process can be made much easier with a clever cleaning trick.

How to clean the oven easily

the Orias its name is Tik Tok (@aurikatariina) shared her advice, noting at the beginning of the video that: “This trick will change your life». Follow these steps to clean your oven easily:

  1. Spray the burnt surface with oven cleaner and place kitchen wrap over it.
  2. Then it says wait 24 hours and the spots should “dissolved.”

Uri also suggests scrubbing the oven with a sponge, which she says is “very effective.” Then she recommends wiping the surface with a cloth, adding some oven polish, and you’re done.

The video was also shared on Instagram, where one netizen commented:Best cleaning trick ever». “The result was wonderfulAnother user pointed out, while others wanted to know what products were used.

The trick to a clean glass oven door

This trick comes after another oven cleaning tip to remove dirt and grease from the glass door. Cleaning a glass surface can be a real problem, as it is not only full of grease and food stains, but it can also have burnt food residue, which is difficult to clean.

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but Erinnatural cleaning expert and founder of Lemons Lavender and Laundry, revealed that cleaning your oven doesn’t have to be a difficult process. All you need is an ingredient you probably already have in your kitchen: baking soda.

Baking soda is alkaline, which means its high pH level can break down acidic substances, such as grease or burnt-on food residue. It also has a mild repellency, so it can easily remove dirt without scratching the glass.

Irene added:Although using baking soda takes a little more time and effort than using oven cleaner, it definitely gets the job done without the harmful chemicals.».