April 13, 2024

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A company in Thessaloniki hid income of 1.2 million euros

A company in Thessaloniki hid income of 1.2 million euros

From the sub-directorate Economic Police of Northern Greece A company has been identified in Thessaloniki that concealed purchases of goods worth more than 1,200,000 euros

From the Sub-Directorate of the Economic Police of Northern Greece, a tax audit was carried out at a company providing nursing services in Thessaloniki, where it was found that incorrect submission of declarations for acquisitions of goods within the community, amounting to 1,201,629.55 euros.

In particular, in the context of investigating a complaint, police officers of the Economic Police Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece monitored transactions within the community through an information exchange system. Value added tax (VIES – Value Added Tax Information Exchange System) of the company in question and, as it turns out, the acquisitions of goods within the community from the Netherlands, amounting to:

-253,343.55- Euros for the tax year 2022 and

-948,286- Euros for the tax year 2023.

Meanwhile, during the investigation conducted, it was established that the company was not operating in any of its declared facilities, but in another rented space in the Thessaloniki region.

In addition, during the on-site inspection and after the relevant invitation, the company did not deliver or provide information, in violation of the Tax Procedure Code.

A report has been drawn up on the incident with the above-mentioned results, and the relevant control center and the Customs Authority will be reported to confirm the relevant violations. It is stated that citizens can call, anonymously or by name, on telephone number 11012 or the Greek State website (gov.gr) “Financial Crimes Complaint”, to provide information or to report illegal and fraudulent acts or activities against the Greek State. The economy and public ownership sector, as well as welfare, social and insurance rights.

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