April 24, 2024

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Supermarkets: Harachi on Home Delivery Shopping – Newsbomb – News

Supermarkets: Harachi on Home Delivery Shopping – Newsbomb – News

Supermarkets place a high value on home-delivered shopping

Supermarkets charge a price for home delivery orders.

In particular, the majority of major supermarket chains have begun to charge for take-home orders according to the bill paid by each customer.

However, in larger markets, in the majority above 90 euros, there are no fees.

It should be noted that many consumers now prefer this method of shopping as there is no time in daily life for shopping.

Finally, the click and collect function remains in several chains, that is, by sending the order via an electronic platform, which waits for it in the supermarket and the customer simply goes to the physical store and receives it.

When do we start collecting monthly fees on our bank deposits?

And all this while banks are also preparing to impose a fine for holding accounts by natural persons in order to make payments, transfers and obtain a card.

Charging a flat fee of €0.50 per month will not only maintain deposit accounts that have the ability to make payments, have debit and credit cards, transfer funds, etc.

In contrast, there will be no fees for regular savings accounts, but they will not have the ability to make payments or withdraw from debit cards.

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