February 7, 2023

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The Nika Family: The Residence at Stisichorou and the Plates Under the Hammer – Financial Postman

Nika’s family’s personal assets are in the midst of auctions.

The apartment in the old mansion and art gallery of the Panagiotis Nikas family is the sausage maker’s next asset to be put under the hammer.


On January 11, a residence on Rue Stisichorou will go under the hammer, with a starting price of €1.9 million.

See the auction report for the property here

The plaintiff is Intrum and the debtors are Panagiotis Nikas’s widow, Maria, and the late businessman’s son, George.

The property is built on a plot of 1065 square meters, located east of the Royal Garden in the Old Palaces.

According to the title deed, it is a third floor apartment consisting of a hall, a living room, a living room, a dining room, an office, a kitchen, a maid’s room, a maid’s bathroom, an entrance, a guest bathroom, an entrance bedroom, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a balcony towards the Holy Church Taxiarchon and the balcony Floor towards Stisichorou Street.

The amount for which the forfeiture is imposed is €150,000, which is part of the total claim.


On January 11th they came out About 325 paintings by famous and unknown artists are up for auctionwith a total price starting at €144,970 and corresponding to PQH.

The debtors were Giorgos Nikas, as heir intestate of the sausage factory and Maria Nikas, the widow of the deceased as heir intestate, accepting the inheritance with the benefit of the stock.

See here the auction report for the paintings

The paintings were confiscated for a debt of 674 thousand euros to the Postal Savings Bank, while the most expensive piece is a painting by Nikos Hatzikyriakos Gikkas “Acropolis”, oil on canvas, dimensions 64 * 90, which sells for 30 thousand euros. .

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Urgent is PQH 1 private liquidation, as representative of Postal Savings Bank under private liquidation and reservation was made for a claim of €674,759.84 with interest 11-30-2013.