June 19, 2024

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Athena Oikonomakou – Philippos Michopoulos: Divorce after seven years of marriage

Athena Oikonomakou – Philippos Michopoulos: Divorce after seven years of marriage

they broke up Athens Economico And Philip Michopoulosafter 10 years together.

The couple, who have two children together, have decided to separate, according to a statement sent to the media by a public relations firm.

In it, they stated that they had ended their marriage, while stressing that their children would unite them forever. In addition, they appeal “A strong recommendation to the media to handle this issue with sensitivity and respect.”

Advertisement in detail: “After 10 years together and the birth of our two children, we are in the uncomfortable position of announcing the dissolution of our marriage.

Our children are what will unite us forever, and as loving parents, we will always be there for them with boundless love. Their mental stability is our priority in this new chapter of our lives and we ask for your understanding in order to ensure our children's privacy and protect them from undue publicity and attention.

For this reason, we strongly advise the media to deal with this situation with sensitivity and respect and avoid publishing or re-publishing related news, in order to preserve their psychological health and for our children to transition smoothly to this new reality.

We thank you very much in advance for your understanding and willingness to respect this clear requirement on our part.

Sincerely, Philippos Michopoulos and Athena Oikonomakou.”


The couple was married three times, with cohabitation agreements and civil and religious marriage. Their religious wedding took place in Mykonos in the fall of 2018, while their civil wedding took place in Gythio. They have two children together, Maximo and Sienna.

In November 2017, shortly before Athena Oikonomakou became a mother for the first time, the couple married in complete secrecy in a civil wedding in Gythio. Only their family and close friends were invited.

About a year later, they were married in a religious ceremony in Mykonos, in an impressive ceremony with family and friends. The wedding took place at the luxurious Filippo Hotel unit in Ornos.


The businessman wearing a white suit arrived early and waited for the bride. Athens Economicowho arrived shortly afterwards by sea, on a boat, to the sound of drums and accompanied by her father, as tradition dictates.

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On March 14, 2018, they became parents for the first time and welcomed Maximus into the world. In June 2021, their daughter Sienna was born.

Publication of ten years of joint journey

Last August, Athena Economaku uploaded a photo of the two of them together, commemorating their meeting. The actress then wrote in the post's caption: “Like today… 10 whole years ago!!!!! Who would have thought we would get along so well, my dear.”


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