June 26, 2024

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Finally, it's better to say you didn't mean me… – Makeleio.gr

Finally, it's better to say you didn't mean me… – Makeleio.gr

Why do you “swallow” the threat and for the ten you “killed in Malesina” I write “from the text to which he asks me to respond and the relevant posts made to him, it follows that he himself takes a position and responds by association and not directly” and that he “knows and admits that he is talking about Deception and misinformation” and that “this is what killed him” and that “he had a complete opinion. I did not mean that he was the perpetrator and perpetrator of the killing nor that he caused the death,” but write at the same time that because of this “misinformation” people died, that is, because of me, and when I spoke in This particular show is about ten specific people you killed in Malaysian, you understand that it would have been better if you had also written “I didn't mean Antoniades”.

But, well, I saved her in the end with that masterpiece “And I also exaggerated in the torrent of words”…

Something like what people say…”let's say no to ya@@k to pass the time”…

So Dimitri…?

A less serious prosecutor will send you to where redemption has gone, as well as to where seven slanderers and abusers have gone (all three for extortion – the parastatal knows who I'm talking about…).


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