July 22, 2024

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A driver entered the opposite direction – a new shocking incident

A driver entered the opposite direction – a new shocking incident

A new shocking incident occurred on the island of Crete, where a driver entered oncoming traffic without realizing that he was driving on the wrong side of the road.

A video clip showing the driver of a red Fiat Secinto is making the rounds on the Greek internet.

The red Fiat is seen at the beginning of the video entering oncoming trafficIgnoring the concrete barrier and the sign marking the mandatory lane on the right side of the road.

In fact, after a few seconds, even though there was no longer a concrete barrier separating the two streams of traffic, The passive protagonist of the story continues to move in the opposite lane of traffic to the left.

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The vehicle’s trajectory then shows the driver barely maintaining control of the vehicle and making erratic maneuvers before being able to return to the correct side of the road.

Lucky in his misfortune, or if you prefer reckless, the driver of a Fiat Secinto was not involved in an accident This is due to the fact that there was not particularly heavy traffic at that particular time.

On a deserted road somewhere in Crete, a driver’s inability to keep his car in the right lane can be both ironic and affirming. The danger that occurs on the country’s roadsHowever, under other circumstances, it can be the cause of a serious accident.

The incident was recorded on the camera of a passing driver, and was posted on the TikTok platform, garnering dozens of comments within a few hours.

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Many of them highlight the humorous aspect of the incident while others stand on the reality of it The criminal recklessness of a drunk driver can have serious consequences.

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