May 22, 2024

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A helicopter was flown to the injured woman on Mount Dirfis

A helicopter was flown to the injured woman on Mount Dirfis

In rescue operation and 7The EMAK…

An excursion to Mount Dirfis in Middle East Evia on Sunday (14/4) ended unpleasantly for a 55-year-old woman who suffered a head injury during the hike.

Those who were with him informed the fire department through 112, and immediate search and rescue operations were carried out.

PY forces are assisting at the scene. Salkitas, also known as the 7thThe EMAK from Lamia with its mountaineer group. A fire department helicopter has been ordered to pick him up.

Mount Dirfis is a popular tourist destination almost all year round, and groups not only from all over Greece, but also from other parts of the world, climb its summits or traverse its routes, which, especially in the east, present great difficulty.

Last December, there was another alarm For injuring a climber on Evia's highest mountain and a naval helicopter was required to transport him to Salgita Hospital.

Finally, we must mention that on Sunday morning (14/4) the rescue operation of an injured foreign mountaineer near the “Agapitos” refuge in Olympus was successfully completed.

The search and rescue team consisted of 22 firefighters from Litochoro and Katarini Fire Services, 2nd Special Forestry Operations Division (E.MO.DE) and 2nd and Mountaineering Search and Rescue Teams (OOED). 8th EMAK.

After freeing him from an inaccessible ravine near the refuge, firefighters took him to the helipad, from where he was picked up by a fire brigade helicopter. His airlift was completed at the heliport of the 24th Litochoro Regiment and he was then taken away by an EKAV ambulance.

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