May 21, 2024

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Courage vs Phobias |

Courage vs Phobias |

The inscrutable governmental manipulations and inward factional fears of the new democracy allow public opinion to discover Maximos's self-trap. Unfair in any case. A more ambitious and radical reformist government effort will surely trap its opponent in the suffocating environment of nature.

Things got incredibly weird and complicated. Thus, Saint seized the opportunity. Kassalakis to declare himself as the main opponent of K. Mitsotakis. SYRIZA's president has no problem walking the tightrope of political cowardice over a vacuum. And ready to go all the way without any hesitation. As if the absurd didn't touch him…

After all, there has never been a politician in history who has shown his arrogance by unveiling his recently purchased 1,800,000 euro apartment and equating his unspecified wealth register to the “democratization” of his personal wealth. He likes to appear approachable and agreeable to people, who treat him like an apolitical pulp with an anti-establishment orientation.

Generally, Kasselakis uses the tactic of “playing the board with the rolls” and uses all the possible variations he is willing to try. It is enough to catch the froth of current affairs. Makes adequate use of available communication devices. He said nothing of his own, because he had nothing to say. He has words and phrases memorized, and he nails it down. In a way he has to justify it … he learns fast!

However, Kassalakis dares to exploit the government's weaknesses. In fact, it exudes courage. In order not to be misunderstood, I will say “political” bravery, although the boundaries from purity are indiscernible. The latest innovation, he reports on “TikTok”, is that he will stage a coup by defeating Syriza in the European elections. Even his dog agrees.

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Here, we come to the problem of maximos and government. For inexplicable reasons, the plan to govern Greece for a second four years entered the “field” of everyday life with 41% of the political urea wind and 20 points away from the Ax party. Resistance.

A historic record and correspondingly popular reward, confirmation but high expectations. Unfortunately, the data did not translate as the public expected. We don't know what the audience expects. Journalists make assumptions based on their opinions and (why not?) their tastes.

In the note, we choose a version of a radical reform policy that we hoped would be the “pilot” of the new four-year period. Disappointment came immediately to the performances of Maximos and Governis, at the first “whistle”. A certain balance was restored in the winter of 2024, but 41% of the potential remained untapped. Sadness! This was followed by inexplicable fear and inexplicable unconditional surrender in dealing with the Tempe disaster. The government was left to the words initiated by the protesting united opposition.

Apart from his fatal fear of K. Mitsotakis, his strategy cannot be ignored. He opened up a lot towards the center area and moved away from the banks of his division. New Democracy, essentially the People's Party of the traditional right, seeks its “kanagema” in the context of a clientelistic political system. The prime minister downplayed the inherent dangers of the sense of abandonment felt by right-wing voters.

We don't know if he will “pay” the election and who will “account”.

One thing is certain. Had he chosen the rough road of reformation there would have been no one to apologize to. If he still doesn't trust the members of his parliamentary caucus for “tough” efforts, he may look for people of known worth and social acceptance who, unfortunately, fall under the “age racism” category. These non-political individuals still retain the will, the “toughness” and the courage to shoulder the changes so that history will write them in its golden book! Let's not be unfair, there are ministers who are pushing themselves for tough reforms that will lift Greece up the ratings.

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The Prime Minister is the first to write on the front page after announcing the launch of the initiative. It's never too late!

After all, after the European elections, three years is a long time.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis just decided.