July 22, 2024

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A housekeeper who “took” nearly €2,000 from her employer's home has been let go.

A housekeeper who “took” nearly €2,000 from her employer's home has been let go.

A 58-year-old woman appears to be possessed by a police demon ThessalonikiHe recently discovered that money had unjustifiably disappeared from his home and decided to take action.

Her suspicions turned to the 44-year-old housekeeper, but she looked for a way to prove it beyond doubt. Then she came up with her plan: she copied the banknotes – value 350 euros – the identifying serial number, visible from each, and then put the specified amount in her purse.

Last Monday morning, when the housekeeper came home – as planned – to work, the 58-year-old woman said she had to greet him and leave. In his absence, the 44-year-old… She reached for her bag And take the money. After returning home and finding €350 missing, the 58-year-old reported the theft and handed over his receipts.

Bill with the money and her release

A search was conducted at the housekeeper's house, where apart from the aforementioned banknotes – which were consistent with those shown on the complainant's typographical database – 1,900 euros were found in the banknote. As the 44-year-old admitted, it was money he had stolen in parts from his employer in an earlier period.

She herself offered to compensate the 58-year-old, which she did. In this situation, the Self-standing Single Member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki – Where she was sent for trial – the complainant had earlier declared that she did not wish to prosecute, and released her. He was acquitted of a knife (due to suspicion) found in his house during a police search.

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