May 21, 2024

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A magnitude 4.9 earthquake was felt in the Dardanelles in Istanbul

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake was felt in the Dardanelles in Istanbul

Earthquake A magnitude of 4.9 occurred around 21:39 Turkish time (20:39 Greek time). Zenitsof the district Dardanelles (Kanakale) of northwestern Turkey. The focal depth of the earthquake was 10.44 km.

Earthquake, in addition Dardanelles and neighboring provinces, was felt in Istanbul, intensifying residents' concerns, based on seismologists' estimates of an imminent major earthquake along the North Anatolian fault that runs south of Istanbul. Sea of ​​Marmara.

See the Euro-Mediterranean Institute map with the areas where the earthquake was felt and the epicenter

The Agency for Natural Disasters and Emergencies (AFAD) announced that crews have started an on-site investigation to check for any damage. No injuries or collapses have been reported at this time.

Minister of Interior of Turkey, Ali JerlikayaNotes on his post about the X platform: “All teams of AFAD and related agencies on-site scan for 4.9 magnitude earthquake in Yenisey, Canakkale. The earthquake was also felt in neighboring provinces. There is no negative status at this time. We are monitoring the developments,” he said.


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