April 13, 2024

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Ath. Ghana: 275 earthquakes so far in Kefalonia without risk of major earthquake – “but in Turkey, they are too late”

Ath.  Ghana: 275 earthquakes so far in Kefalonia without risk of major earthquake – “but in Turkey, they are too late”

In Turkey They are too late is the seismologist's characteristic phrase Athanasios KanHe spoke to ERTnews about him A major earthquake is expected to Constantinople. Instead, he vouched for seismic activity KefaloniaTalking about the rise given so far 275 earthquakes since February 24 And he was still restless. “This is intense seismic activity (cluster series), which is not characterized by a major earthquake, but we have it appearance Hundreds of small earthquakes“, emphasized Athanasios Kanas, referring to his underwater location Myrtle and the Kefalinian fault and a fault perpendicular to the tectonic plate boundary between Eurasia and Apulia. There is no danger To implement this great divide, the geographer and its research director reiterated Geodynamic Institute.

“Tsunami Warning Falsely Sounded With Recent Earthquake In Turkey”

The earthquake was triggered by a false tsunami warning Northwest Turkey We are not worried, but for the fault that passes south of the Princes Islands and is very close to the coast of Istanbul, we are concerned because the mean recurrence period has passed, the seismologist explained:

“His break-in is complete 1999 This error is known in Nicomedia 7.4. We know when it caused an earthquake 1766 There and the split has changed from the previous one to this 1509. We are concerned because the average recurrence period of 10 years has passed. The Rift can't work as a clock with a countdown, but it's backwards Too bad for Constantinople and Hagia Sophia Of course.

The maximum amount is expected 7.5 Richter. If this earthquake occurs, there will be a lot of loss of life and damage soon. If the split is broken, it will work again Faults within MarmarasIt also has the potential for large earthquakes, which is why you also see tsunami warnings.”

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to If so Greece will suffer“There is no pattern to expect large earthquakes in general because Istanbul will have an earthquake,” the seismologist replied.

Source: ERTnews – “Newsroom” project