May 18, 2024

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A month-long war in Ukraine with cities and regions was completely wiped out

A month-long war in Ukraine with cities and regions was completely wiped out

On February 24, the Russian President Vladimir PutinBegan his first attack on Eastern Europe Causes an explosion of War in Ukraine. A month later, some Ukrainian troops continued to resist Attacks Russian forces increasingly active against military targets, and, above all, Against the public. Large Ukrainian cities were severely and severely bombed by Russian armed forces. Diplomacy There is more Great Western faith

Cities like Like Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kiev, Irfin or Chernikov, Are being leveled by Vladimir Putin’s forces. Mariupol port city The city most affected by the war in Ukraine. Residential areas are fragmented and inhabited by civilians Shortage of food and medicine without electricity and without light. From The Red Cross They called it “apocalyptic”. KievThe main purpose of the Kremlin is to prevent the enemy from reaching the center of the city.

From Ukraine They were able to control the Russian invasion, which they had planned to achieve quickly. A month laterVolodymyr Zhelensky, President of Ukraine, Harangu constantly sends messages to its people and troops so that they do not lose hope Seeks additional support and assistance from the international community. There have been horrors of war More than 10 million trips In Ukraine to escape from bombs and shootings. More than 3.6 million Have become public since Refugees Since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

A heroic resistance

When the international community punishes Strict sanctions on Russia The Ukrainian army has demonstrated an amazing ability to counter the intense attacks of the Russian military giant. The logistical differences between the two countries are very bad, but thank you for that Export of arms from the West And the courage of the Ukrainian troops managed to control Putin’s desire for victory for a month.

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This Thursday there a NATO Emergency Summit Address the war in Ukraine from Brussels. The US President Joe BidenAlready exists Europe With his allies. The Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the Atlantic Coalition It has repeatedly insisted for several weeks that it will not intervene in the war unless a member state is attacked.

There is hope for peace in Ukraine Diplomatic efforts, The quiet end seems to be still a long way off. Russian and Ukrainian delegations continue to negotiate conditions for an end to the war, although they are very Different.

Bombing and siege on civilians

A few days have passed since Russia changed its strategy in the war. They moved from attacking military structures to residential areas. The clash leaves scary pictures, buildings collapse, empty streets, trees are in ashes, Hospitals And educational institutions were attacked and thousands of civilians were killed by the Russian siege. The international community has accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine.

Due to the Russian siege on the people, Ukraine is open Humanitarian corridors The public should be evacuated from the most besieged areas. Attacks by Russian armed forces are spreading across the country to cities that were not attacked until a few days ago. Liv. The international community is looking for a key mediator to seek peace in Ukraine and has repeatedly asked China Take a stand in conflict.