June 13, 2024

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Victim Identity – Who is the dead woman?

Victim Identity – Who is the dead woman?

The victim has been identified murder Occurred on Tuesday morning (23/05). Varvakeio market.

Woman, who?She carried more than 15 knives, was in her 60s and was flagged for drugs. According to information, she was living alone and no one was looking for her till now. He was found lying in a pool of blood on Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities are searching the victim’s home to identify evidence that could lead to solving the case. The The victim was found dead in a roadside ditch. by its employee City Police.

Items found near her

George Kalliagmanis, chief of the Southeast Attica Police Department, told the Star that she was seen next to her. Two used heroin needles. Outwardly, he does not appear to be a user of this particular substance, although he may have used other substances. Also, a strap of a bag was found at the scene and is being investigated as hers. Scenes where officers investigate murder followed by robbery, but also scenes of destroying personal accounts. Under the microscope of EL.AS. In order to identify the culprits, the contents of the security cameras in the area are entered.

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