February 20, 2024

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A rare eclipse next week

A rare eclipse next week

one of Bigger and brighter stars It is expected that it will “disappear” for a few moments. An asteroid will pass in front of it, creating a planet A unique eclipse.

This rare spectacle is expected to occur late Monday night, and will be visible to millions of people, from Tajikistan, Armenia and Turkey. GreeceItaly, Spain, even Miami and parts of Mexico.

It’s about the star BetelgeuseWhile the asteroid will pass in front of it Leona.

Astronomers hope to learn more about Betelgeuse and Leona through the eclipse, which is expected to continue Maximum up to 15 seconds.

The prevailing uncertainty

It is unclear whether the asteroid will obscure the entire star, causing a total eclipse. Alternatively, the result could be a “ring of fire” eclipse with a small burning outline around the star.

“The scenario we will see is uncertain, which makes the event even more interesting,” says astronomer Gianluca Massa, founder of the virtual telescope project, which will be broadcast live online from Italy.

Betelgeuse is Thousands of times brighter and about 700 times more massive than the Sun In fact, as mentioned guardianSo much so that if it were to replace it, it would extend beyond Jupiter.

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