February 20, 2024

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Surprise: Dishonored creators are making a new Blade game – watch the trailer

Surprise: Dishonored creators are making a new Blade game – watch the trailer

Among the truly unexpected surprises Game Awards 2023 The ad is reserved by Arkan Lyon with Bethesda. And from where we do not expect anything new to come.”code“A game from Arken and Bethesda with Marvel games.

The trailer of the ad was completely CGI but if it gives us a glimpse of its visuals then we would say it looks like an animation of “Spider verse“Movies. His co-stars were in the scene to provide some preliminary information like that It will be held in Paris It will pose A mature single-player and third-person Blade game, designed by its creators Death ring And Insulted.

This is the official description given by Arkan: “In Marvel’s Blade, Eric Brooks plays the legendary Daywalker, half-human, half-vampire, torn between the warm society of the living and the reckless power of the undead. From Bethesda and Arkane Lyon, the studio that brought you Dishonored and DEATHLOOP, Marvel’s Blade is a mature third-person, single-player action game set in the heart of Paris, now in development in partnership with Marvel Games.

Development has only just begun according to Bethesda, so firstly we are still many years away from release and secondly, we don’t know the platforms nor the year of release. Marvel Blade. Watch the first trailer below:

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