June 23, 2024

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A return to the Champions League has boosted Olympiacos significantly

A return to the Champions League has boosted Olympiacos significantly

Olympiacos defeated Panathinaikos in the final four of the tournament and won the volleyball title with a 3-1 victory.

The “Red and White” ended the year in an ideal way, as we were able to achieve the double.

We remind you that he also won the cup not so long ago, winning the Milos final with a score of 3-2 sets.

What makes the Olympiacos volleyball team’s success greater in terms of winning the championship is that the “red and white” had the advantage at home in the finals series against the “green”.

But this did not constitute an obstacle for the Castellani team, as Olympiacos succeeded in “breaking” the bench of Panathinaikos since the first final match.

Thus, the year ended in the best possible way for the Piraeus players, and what must be noted is that we are talking about a season that also witnesses the return of the “red and white” to the elite of European volleyball.

This is a very important parameter that makes this year quite successful for Olympiacos.

The Piraeus team made the right move at the start of this year's season, by deciding to fight for a place in the top European competition.

It was a correct move because the position of the Piraeus team among the elite of European volleyball, which was also proven by the image presented by the “red and white” in the tournament.

Olympiacos tested their mettle at the highest level and received a good grade, proving the club's potential.

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Participating in the Champions League was a very important experience because the Greek champions competed against the best teams in Europe and fulfilled the requirements.

When a team plays against the best European clubs, it also improves, “building” its confidence and raising its “level”.

This is what Olympiacos did this year in the Champions League and it is important that he plays in the major tournament next year as well.

What is the goal of the “Red and White” for next season? But of course, winning all the titles in Greece but at the same time having a better presence in the Champions League.

As for Olympiacos’ position, it is clear. Planning has already begun to form a team for next season and Piraeus wants to field a stronger team.