April 18, 2024

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A scenario for how NASA would warn if the world was about to end

A scenario for how NASA would warn if the world was about to end

A scenario that could be turned into a movie has been published in Inside Out, should Earth be at risk from asteroids.

NASA reportedly has plans in place should the worst happen, which it does asteroid It moves Towards the ground.

Now, on Earth, experts have developed mechanisms to detect them Objects in space Coming towards our planet, so we'll get plenty of warning if something happens.

How will the authorities warn people?

So, according to Business Insider, if Earth is in direct danger of something like this, a group of astronomers from around the world working with NASA known as the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) would likely have already planned.

First, they will make sure that this will actually happen, so as not to panic the world unnecessarily and in the end nothing happens.

Once confirmed, NASA will send one Official notificationFirst to the government of the country that the asteroid will first hit, and then to almost the entire world.

An official statement will then be issued to the public and must be sent to the United Nations.

This statement refers to the time before impact, and if the asteroid was years away, they might have found a way to deflect it and not hit Earth.

However, if the asteroid was only a few months away, there probably wouldn't have been anything anyone could have done to avoid a collision.

all of this, It seems like a scenario This is almost impossible to apply on the ground, as science has advanced so much that even experts… Asteroids have been discovered for decades Before they can hit us.

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Also, according to LADbible, if an asteroid is heading toward Earth, there are some ways to stop it.

One idea is to launch one or more nuclear bombs into space near the asteroid in the hope that the explosion will blow it off course.

Right now, the most effective idea for deflecting an asteroid is what's called a “kinetic impact,” which basically means knocking it off course by forcing a collision with a massive object.