November 30, 2023

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Apple: iPhone 15 Pro Max screen burn-in issues will be fixed with iOS 17.1 – iPhone

Apple: iPhone 15 Pro Max screen burn-in issues will be fixed with iOS 17.1 – iPhone

The iPhone 15 series brought some notable changes and features to the iPhone lineup, more than Apple has been used to in recent years.

But with the changes, some bugs have appeared that seem to have affected – or are still affecting – the user experience. The first was the iPhone 15 Pro series overheating issue which Apple was slow to acknowledge but then made sure it fixed almost immediately with the iOS 17 update. However, many users complained Another important problemIt is a “screen burn-in” issue, which the company is also expected to address soon (with the upcoming iOS 17.1 update).

Over the past two weeks, reports of iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max screen “burn-in” have emerged. com.subreddit From Apple, many related complaints and protests have been published. Burn-in is a common and well-documented problem with OLED displays, but it usually occurs over time. The source of the problem is that some parts of the screen deteriorate faster than others due to being used for long periods of time (for example when a static image is displayed continuously for long periods of time) which may cause the perceived colors of the screen to change in one area more than another resulting in residue. Or patterns that are impossible to disable. In the end, the image of the “ghost” is left permanently imprinted.

But as we mentioned, for this to happen, a long period of time must pass, and the iPhone 15 Max Pro will not be on the market until after a few weeks. So this downgrade came much earlier in the device’s life cycle than expected, raising suspicions. Additionally, in many reports, the burned image appears and disappears temporarily, only to reappear later (despite repeated reboots by many users).

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As it turns out, this is not a screen burn-in issue but an image retention issue in iOS 17. To address this issue, Apple has released iOS 17.1 Release Candidate for beta testers and according to reports, it is working on a fix for the Image Retention issue. Some Reddit users have also confirmed that the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate update fixed the issue in their case, suggesting that this is indeed a software bug and not a hardware issue with the OLED displays of the iPhone 15 Pro series.

If you are among those who noticed the “burning” issue on your iPhone 15 screen, you can either continue updating the software to iOS 17.1 Release Candidate starting today by signing up for beta updates or wait for the official update expected soon while staying updated/released. “Stable” programs.