November 30, 2023

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Cell Phone: You’ve been charging it wrong for years – this is the right way

Cell Phone: You’ve been charging it wrong for years – this is the right way

Mobile phone: After all that We charge our cell phone properly;

In the world of lithium-ion batteries, smartphones take center stage.

Naturally, the controversy that is known to all of us broke out.

Does charging overnight affect battery life?

A recent study that you can find here revealed that a 2019 smartphone battery can go through an average of 850 charge and discharge cycles before its capacity drops below 80%.

This means that only 80% of the original capacity remains after two to three years of use.

From there it starts to run out.

Should you charge your smartphone at night?

Most new generation smartphones take between 30 minutes and two hours to fully charge.

Charging times depend on battery capacity.

Charging the battery overnight is not only unnecessary, but it also contributes to battery corrosion.

Samsung states:

Charging the battery to 100% often negatively affects the overall battery life.

The same applies to iPhones, where a full charge negatively affects battery health.

Instead, it is recommended to charge it to 80% and not let it drop below 20%.

Battery overcharging

As the scientific alert usually indicates, overcharging of lithium-ion batteries can occur and lead to overheating or fire.

However, most modern smartphones have mechanisms that automatically prevent the battery from charging beyond 100%.

However, every time the charging drops to 99% due to background apps, it will start charging again to 100% and cycle.

In order to prevent corrosion, manufacturers have features that regulate the charging process.

iPhones have a special feature that delays charging by more than 80%, with Galaxy phones having a similar setting of 85%.

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Can the device explode from charging?

The chances are slim, especially when phones have proper protection.

But there are cases when devices exploded.

This usually occurs as a result of manufacturing errors, poor quality hardware, etc.

Lithium-ion batteries can explode when the heat generated by charging is not sufficiently dissipated.

Ideal operating levels range from 0-40°C.

How to improve battery life

  • Always install the latest and latest updates on your smartphone
  • Use original or certified chargers.
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Limit charging to 80% of full capacity and do not let it drop below 20%
  • Do not leave it charging for long periods, for example overnight, unplug it from the source once it reaches 100%.
  • Monitor your battery’s health and usage, whether it’s taking a long time to charge or draining quickly.
  • Find out if it overheats or bulges, in which case it will need immediate replacement.
  • Ensure proper ventilation while charging.

Mobile: Is Facebook draining my battery?

Have you noticed that your cell phone battery runs out quickly without you doing anything? It’s all Facebook’s fault!

There is a rumor that has been around for some time that the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger drain the battery of the phones they are installed on.

This is exactly what former Facebook employee George Hayward is now pointing out.

As the New Yoprk Post reported, what Facebook does has a name and it’s called passive testing, which allows companies to drain a smartphone’s battery so they can test features in the app, or see how to upload a photo for example.

Hayward was fired from Meta, Facebook’s parent company, for refusing to participate in negative tests.

Let’s see what he said exactly:

“I told my boss that something like this would hurt and put some people at risk, and she replied that by hurting some we could help the majority.”

Heyward was fired from Meta last November and took his own path to justice by filing a lawsuit against the company in Manhattan federal court.

The 33-year-old was working on Meta’s Facebook Messenger app, with his lawyer saying that the battery drain that Meta does puts people at risk especially in emergency situations as they will not be able to contact police or other agencies.

Mobile phone: The feature you should turn off

One of the most important problems of all is the cell phone battery.

The following smart tips will save your battery and “untie” your hands when your mobile phone battery bothers you.

Thus, you will enjoy more time with your mobile phone, and always have peace of mind.

If your smartphone battery is draining quickly, one option is to close background apps or clear background apps.

Low Power Mode for iPhone and Battery Saver for Android prevent background apps from updating.

However, it also pauses or changes other settings, such as screen refresh rate and device performance.

Set the brightness to normal levels

It is a fact that by increasing the brightness of our smartphone screen, the viewing experience from our mobile screen is greatly improved.

But the more we increase the brightness, the faster the mobile phone battery will drain.

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The solution is to set the screen brightness to automatic mode based on the ambient light.

Therefore, its settings will be adjusted according to the space you are in, which protects the device’s battery.

Do you need Wi-Fi all the time?

Why keep your Wi-Fi or mobile data on while you’re sleeping or not using it?

When there’s no good reason to stay online, consider turning off Wi-Fi or smartphone data.

The same applies to GPS: as long as it is running, it consumes valuable energy.

Dealing with high mobile phone temperature

High temperatures damage the battery and the overall performance of electronic devices.

So make sure that your devices maintain a normal temperature, without overheating.

More specifically, it would be a good idea to consult your device’s manual about the ideal operating temperatures for it.

If you notice that your mobile phone is getting hot, it would be a good idea to remove the case so as not to trap heat in the device.

Enter airplane mode!

No matter if you’re not travelling…Airplane Mode is always an effective way to keep your mobile phone battery ‘alive’!

In fact, by activating it while charging, your mobile phone will charge faster.