May 22, 2024

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A scientist who locked himself in a cave with no time and saw an incredible effect on his biological “clock”.

A scientist who locked himself in a cave with no time and saw an incredible effect on his biological “clock”.

Michel Siver has conducted pioneering research into how people experience time

For human biology, with experience where He stayed for weeks in a deep cavewithout feeling it Of time.

the Michel Sivryconducted pioneering research into how people experienced time when they left civilization behind and lived for it two months Inside a dark cave in 1962, as they say LadBible.

Inspired by developments in space exploration, the French explorer left his watch on the bedside table and retired At a depth of 130 meters below the surface of the earth Scarasson Cavelocated deep in the Alps.

Why did Michel Sèvres stay in the cave?

Michel Sèvres, 23, was curious to know how the complete ignorance of the passage of time that people measure with instruments such as a clock or a calendar affected his body, and he made impressive discoveries.

“I decided to live like an animal, “Without a watch, in the dark, I don’t know what time it is,” he said in a 2008 interview.

To successfully conduct the experiment and obtain useful data, Seaver devised his own research protocol. He placed a group at the entrance to the cave, and sent out calls to them whenever He would wake up, eat and sleep.

On the other hand, his team He was prohibited from giving him any information to the outside world, while he himself only brought the basic necessities for survival, such as food rations, a flashlight, sleeping bags, and others.

What did he discover?

One of Michel Siver’s routines was to communicate with his team regularly, counting from 1 to 120 out loud, trying to keep up with the seconds.

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Shortly after his stay began, they noticed he was getting sick 5 minutes to count to 120. I mean Time passed more slowly Than expected.

He himself was not aware of the results until the experiment was over, when this change in his natural rhythms became more apparent. When his team came to pick him up, he was surprised ever since He thought it had only been a monthinstead of the 2 provided.

“My psychological time has been compressed twice,” he said, and came up with his own theory about the cause of this phenomenon.

After organizing dozens of other underground isolation experiments over the next ten years, Seaver decided to stay for half a year in a cave in Texas, USA.

The results were similar, but impressive. The data showed that without time indicators, the human being Adapts to a 48-hour cycle And not the 24 hours we’re all used to.