May 22, 2024

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Car Scammers’ New Trick – How They Cheat Using Artificial Intelligence

Car Scammers’ New Trick – How They Cheat Using Artificial Intelligence

A new type of fraud is emerging in the world of cars as criminals use cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence on their side.

Artificial Intelligence has entered our daily life, of course also on four wheels, where it has been present in different ways: From improving the operation of multimedia systems to building the cars themselves.

Progress in the field of artificial intelligence has been rapid in recent years and its application in various fields is slowly turning into a tool in the hands of cunning people who want to take advantage of it and deceive the public and companies with the aim of making money illegally and in the car space.

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The latest major scam that appears to have reached epidemic proportions concerns false claims for compensation from insurance companies.

An example of this is Great Britain where a motorist can claim compensation From the insurance company by sending him his own photos of his wrecked car.

Insurers in the country have reported a significant rise in the number of fake claims with fraudsters using anything from simple smartphone apps to alter the photo and make the car look damaged to… Programs that create more realistic images, which carry artificial intelligence programs.

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The image you see on the screens is a typical example of an attempt to defraud an insurance company operating in the British Isles. Which was revealed after the investigation conducted by the insurance company.

The insurance guys, after receiving a photo of the car that appeared to have crashed, searched the plaintiff’s social media and found Exactly the same picture where the car looks smashed.

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In Greece, of course, this kind of fraud cannot happen, at least for now, since here Insurance companies have their own employees who come and photograph wrecked vehicles.

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