July 20, 2024

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A sudden drop of €80 million in the football 'stock market' – entrepreneurs and sponsors

A sudden drop of €80 million in the football 'stock market' – entrepreneurs and sponsors

Its price has decreased continuously in recent months Kylian Mbappe In the soccer “The stock market”, in a year that many believe will be “his own” due to the hot state of his new contract, as he is currently sandwiched between Paris and… Madrid.

According to Football Benchmark data, the value of the 25-year-old star Paris Saint-Germain In the football market It shows the fourth largest decline in the period from last September to December 2023with its rating only at 151.3 million euroand even in a smaller quantity 78.8 million euros compared to the peak 230.1 million euros From July 2022!

The recent crisis in his relations with its administration is responsible for this Paris And his temporary marginalization? Does that happen, to some extent, because he's basically a free agent in the summer and the question of selling him stops coming up?

Because it is either renewal now or departure, In the second case, he lost the loyalty bonus amounting to 80 million eurosWhich had been included as a condition in his original deal with the French champion's wealthy Arab owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi from Qatar (unless there was a 'fuss' in January with him being sold for a 'more reasonable' fee in return), even if Paris believes that if a footballer finally leaves for the country… Another in the summer, she will not put a single euro in her coffers, deciding whether someone asks for it directly and if he says “yes” to such copies).

But analysts believe that “Mbappe's value in the stock market” is the main reason for this sudden decline. That he is still free… It seems that developments are already taking place, without clearly revealing how many moves are taking place in the background, but whether the specific fact, that his price has reached the second lowest level in his career, and to what extent, can be considered for negotiations. , the amount of 139.5 million euros as of October 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, will be seen along the way.

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Nasser Al-Khelaifi

There is little chance of its survival The most expensive star, at least until recently, at his current team, Paris Saint-Germain; Has he now sneaked into Real Madrid next summer, as the regulations allow him to do so as of 1/1/2024?

Is there a possibility of a surprise 'wedge' from a third club (such as Liverpool) to sign the France international striker? The main questions, which will be answered by June, with the player's final statement: “If I know now what I want to do, why delay it?” It wouldn't make sense to leave everything open.

It is said that the Spaniards came A proposal for a two-year contract for MbappeIn order to sign from January to summer, with the deadline being the middle of this month. After his summer exploits, the Frenchman has found his form and has scored 25 goals in 24 matches in all competitions this season.

The latest information about Mbappe's series indicates a difficult deal on the next day of the player's career. The Futmercato website reported that he had agreed with Real Madrid to wear his shirt after June 30 with the signing of a prior contract, but the environment denied the scenarios! Meanwhile, The Times is 'sending' him to Liverpool, with Arsenal or Manchester City as alternatives. Wherever the truth lies, it will not take long to reveal it.

List of losers and leaders

Mbappe lost 16.4 million euros of price (market value). 167.7 million euros September in 151.3 million eurosin a downward trend starting from July 2022 (230.1 million), as can be seen in the relevant graph (for the period 2018-2023), and continues.

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The other table shows that only three other footballers saw their value decline in the four months from September to December during the season: Javi Barcelona (-19.2 million euros), Jadon Sancho Manchester United (-19.1 million euros) and Reece James Chelsea (-18.7 million euros).

The name of the golden boy of European stadiums appears in the list that… Don't flatter him especiallyAnd if you look at the reasons for the drop in prices for the rest of the players: 19-year-old Javi suffered a serious injury in the match between Spain and Georgia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, and underwent surgery on the front of the body. The cruciate ligament in his right knee was damaged for a whole year.

Sancho has not been counted at United and will likely return to Dortmund on loan and James is also injured, he underwent surgery and will return in 4 months. Conversely, the England international for Real Jude Bellingham Currently valued 170.5 million eurosnotice An increase of 16.55 million euros Since September, he has secured the position of the second most expensive football player in the world after the Norwegian Erling Haaland Manchester City value 194.3 million euros And above his colleague in Madrid Vinicius juniorwhich is its market price 160.7 million eurosWith 4 tons Kylian Mbappe in 151.3 million euro.

Only $20 million from “jobs”

The other issue is the impact of all this on their behavior Shepherds Against Mbappe, who had been quite “selective” in previous years and for a long time “kept his distance” from many of the big companies that surrounded him for cooperation. If for example. Signing with Real Madrid and moving to Spain, inevitably He will have to adapt commercially as well to the conditions and working environment he will face at the La Liga clubin a more prominent and financially powerful league than French League 1.

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Traditionally, the Frenchman… lags behind in stadium work compared to other famous stars, after his victory, according to Forbes $20 million just from his non-competitive activitiesfrom sponsors and commercial projects, in the 2023 rankings, compared to $90 million Cristiano Ronaldo He has 65 million dollars Lionel Messi. Conversely, he received $100 million in wages and bonuses, with the Portuguese receiving $46 million and the Argentine $65 million.

Adding profits on and off the field, he is in third place with $120 million, with CR7 in first place with $136 million and Messi with $130 million. Among the Frenchman’s sponsors is the American sports giant for clothing and footwear. Nike Since 2006, the famous Swiss watchmaker Hublotthe home LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton, Dior et al., n Oakleythe Electronic Arts, Panini and a cryptocurrency fantasy sports video game sister.

In 2020, EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts He chose it for the cover of the video game FIFA 21 It previously partnered with the organic food brand Good gout Japanese cosmetics brand for men, big size. Among his other investments were in a film production company.”zebra the valley,” which will partner with Hollywood and the NBA to create audiovisual content for sports, culture, music, technology and video games.

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