February 22, 2024

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Final: Issy obtained a Polish passport – declared by Olympiacos to the EPO – “opened” foreign position

Final: Issy obtained a Polish passport – declared by Olympiacos to the EPO – “opened” foreign position

Less problem with Olympiacos transfer planning. Santiago Essie took his Polish passport into his hands with all formalities and is now counted as a member of the Reds and Whites and does not take the place of a foreigner. Something that comforts the club, whether in terms of matches or transfers.

Issy had begun the process of obtaining a Polish passport since the summer, due to his grandmother's Polish origins. The procedures were meticulous, all the documents were correct, and finally in the middle of last week, the Olympiacos Argentine defensive midfielder had his new passport in his hands. Which, among other things, opens the door to his presence in the Polish national team. With the country's Football Association fully aware of the developments and the Piraeus player has his plan for upcoming calls!

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As far as Olympiacos is concerned, Esi is already competing as a member of Piraeus, as the necessary documents have been submitted to the EPO and there has been a change in its details from non-member to member. The development they have been waiting for for a long time in Piraeus is now a reality.

It should be noted that Olympiacos' foreign players at the moment are Jackson Borusso, Rodini, Francisco Ortega, Mandy Kamara, and Ayoub El Kaabi, in addition to Al-Qassim Ba, who mainly plays in the second team. But in Piraeus, they are waiting for positive news from “Rudy” in the coming period as well. As the Brazilian right-back has completed his papers and is waiting to obtain a Portuguese passport because of his Portuguese wife. It is a process that turns out to take longer.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the fact that Essie is now considered a member of society and that his presence is not subject to restrictions, is one of the reasons why the Reds and Whites also deal with footballers who do not have a passport. At the moment, it seems almost certain that the Red and Whites are likely to be bolstered by a player who does not have an EU passport.

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