February 26, 2024

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Kifisia – OFI 1-1: Reached extra time, qualifying for the Cretans

Kifisia – OFI 1-1: Reached extra time, qualifying for the Cretans

Kifisia opened the scoring in the 60th minute through Konstantakopoulos and wasted chances to score a second goal against the disappointing OFI, but the 1-1 final from a penalty kick by Luis Felipe in the 92nd minute “granted” qualification to the Cretans, who won 3-1 in Heraklion.

the Kifisia “Fight” rematch vs OFIin spite of Heraklion He lost 3-1, and went through stages that he did not take advantage of. The Cretan team, through a well-executed penalty kick in stoppage time, tied 1-1 and left the field. Kaysariani By qualifying with a score of 4-2 for his team Pep Mail He will face him in the quarter-finals Greek Cup for him Panetoliko. The newcomers have landed an extended rotation, as they have a crucial home game ahead of them Lamiyas (1/20, 17:30).

0-6 Finals, Kifisia is a great opportunity

The first part ended with only six finals, all from the visitors. In the 29th minute, Nikopolidis did not find the ball on his way out, so Deco headed the ball and sent the ball over the goalposts, and in the 43rd minute, Bakic shot a powerful shot, but it missed from a difficult Qatari position. The hosts may not have scored, but they had the best chance of the first half. In the 36th minute, Tite stole the ball, kept the ball in the penalty area, and put Andrejen in a shooting position, but the Argentine opened his control.

Constantakopoulos gave her the kiss of life

The second part belongs entirely to the extravagant Kifisia. David Nielsen's team had two great chances within two minutes to take the lead, even with the same players. In the 54th minute, after a header from Konstantakopoulos, Andereggen drilled home the goal but was beaten by Bowman. In the 56th minute, the young midfielder sent an excellent cross, which Andrejen missed with a header.

The home team finally took the lead in the 59th minute with a goal by top scorer George Constantakopoulos. Excellent ball from Spokos, Tite raced onto Bassalidis' back, closed the brace and passed the ball to the 19-year-old midfielder, who made it 1-0 with a powerful shot from inside the area.

Kifisia was lost, Philippi “completed” it.

Kifisia came close to scoring the second goal in the 71st minute. Masoura turned towards Konstantakopoulos, and the young midfielder made two dribbles and shot the ball. In the 78th minute, Andrejen ran to the back of the defense after an excellent ball from Ipalibo, which he did not implement, made two dribbles and lost the ball.

The Northern Suburbs team pressed to score an equalizer, but failed to equalize in the end due to an individual error. In the 90+2' minute, after a big mistake by Paras inside the area, the Greek full-back did not see Bakos, opened the mark and was overthrown by a mistake by Paras inside the area. The Greek full-back did not see Bakos, opened control and took down the newly acquired midfielder from OFI. Luis Felipe took the penalty kick in the middle of the goal and tied it at 1-1, which was also the final score.

Kifisia (David Nielsen): Nicopolidis, Paras, Spooks, Vafias (46' Tisseira), Spinos, Solwa (71' Ipalibou), Anton, Konstantakopoulos, Iliev (62' Masouras), Tite (62' Bivuma), Andrejen.

Ovi (Bib Mail): Bowman, Larsson, Voros, Bassalidis (68' Lambropoulos), Abada, Gagigos, Glazer, Bakex (68' Naira), Riera (46' Paco), Mosquera (81' Miado), Deco (68' Felipe).

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