February 22, 2024

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Panathinaikos 6-7 by pen. (0-0): Al-Falafel qualified to the round of 8 on penalties with the champion Lodingen and the fateful Carvalho Camaras

Panathinaikos 6-7 by pen.  (0-0): Al-Falafel qualified to the round of 8 on penalties with the champion Lodingen and the fateful Carvalho Camaras

After a thrilling and sustained process of penalties and 16 executions, Panathinaikos qualified for the eighth round of the Beatson Hellenic Cup with a 7-6 win, with Lodingen the clover champions and Carvalho Kamaras the fate of the red and white team.

After continuous exciting penalty kicks and after 16 executions needed by the players of both teams, Panathinaikos qualified over Olympiacos in the “8” of the Greek Betson Cup, winning 7-6 (0-0 KD) with Lodingen becoming the champion for the Clover as he saved Carvalho’s penalty kick. While Kamara, who missed the eighth penalty kick for the “Red and White,” was also fatal for Olympiacos, with the exception of the Portuguese.

Panathinaikos will face Atromitos in the quarter-finals and if it reaches the semi-finals, it will face PAOK, which has already reached the semi-finals of the tournament with one foot behind it after a 4-0 win over Panserikos.

Penalty kick procedures:

  • Aitor 0-1
  • Rodney 1-1
  • Berreth 1-2
  • Gilson Martinez 2-2
  • Araw 2-3
  • Jovetic 3-3
  • Jedfay 3-4
  • Poncey 4-4
  • Mladenovic 4-4 (Pashalakis caught it)
  • Carvalho 4-4 (Ludingen caught it)
  • Kutsira 4-5
  • It's flowing 5-5
  • Vaianidis 5-6
  • Ortega 6-6
  • Schenkefeld 6-7
  • Arch 6-7 (missing)

The match did not claim the laurels of quality like the first match of Euphoros, but it kept everyone who watched it riveted because not only did it go to extra time and then to penalty kicks, but also there both teams were distinguished by precision and it took 16 executions until the winner was determined, which was Panathinaikos.

This match was also marked by the many absences witnessed by both teams. Olympiakos was absent from Al-Kambi, El-Arabi, Biel, and Ritsos, while Panathinaikos missed Ioannidis, Dgoritses, Tserin, Palacios, and Jeremijev, and the result: The two teams ended the match with many players who are difficult to see again. With both clubs and in the positions in which they played.

Initial plans for coaches

Carlos Carvalhal formed Olympiacos in a 4-3-3 formation with changes in the lineup compared to the match against Kifissia. The more urgent because he did not have at his disposal the arrested Ritsu but the injured Arab.

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Paschalakis was under the posts, with Bianconi-Doi in front of him and Ortega-Rodini on the far left and right respectively.

With Essie in the central six and Kamara, Alexandropoulos had a three-axon in front of him, with Masoura – Fortuny fighting as a winger and Navarro at the top of the Olympiacos attack.

On the other hand, Fatih Terim went to the proven derby recipe with AEK with only one change, which forced him to take Sporar in place of the injured Ioannidis.

Lodingin was again under goal with Vagiannidis playing on the right and Juancar on the left while Jedvai – Arao were the goalkeeping duo. In another match, Yannis Kotsiras started at number 6, with Felina alongside him and the trio in front of them again, Mancini on the right, Verbitz on the left, and Bernard behind the rising Sporar.

Sporar threatened, and Paschalakis was fired

The match started with Olympiacos having the ball at their feet and trying to play, but to no avail and without posing a threat to Ludingen's goal.

Panathinaikos had their first good moment of the match in the 14th minute when Kotsiras sneaked down the right flank and passed it to Mancini who sent in a very impressive cross with Sporar heading the ball and Paschalakis making an impressive one-handed stop.

Both teams relied on the blocking function and neither was able to threaten Paschalakis and Ludingen respectively. The shot that went wide from Fortunis in the 34th minute was the first offensive attempt of the first half.

On the contrary, Panathinaikos had two conditions. A headed goal from Verbeek was not rightly given, as the Slovenian was offside on Bernard's free-kick.

While in the 42nd minute, Huancar sent a cross from the left side, the ball reached the calm Mancini inside the area, who shot the ball from outside Paschalakis' right post.

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The first half ended with another final from Olympiacos. Fortunis found himself in the area on the left, and fired a shot wide of the target, but it was off-target as it ran parallel.

The second half began without any changes at the level of coaches, and play continued with the players in the original formation of the two teams.

Olympiacos scored its first goal against the hosts in the 48th minute from a free kick executed by Fortounis from the right side and a header by Du, where Lodingen blocked the ball without any problem. Panathinaikos responded in the 52nd minute when Mancini possessed the ball from the right side after a cross from Juancar, but the Argentine's shot was wide of the goal.

The home team threatened again in the 57th minute with a long-range shot from Alexandropoulos that went over Lodingen's net.

Fortounis had a chance to score, but was stopped by Lodingen

Olympiacos had their best moment of the match in 59 minutes against Fortounis. Captain of the home team Make a mistake and head towards the area. The Panathinaikos defense fell behind, with Rodini giving the ball back to the 'red and white' captain, who shot down the right of the area, with Ludingen impressively clearing a corner kick and keeping a clean sheet into the triple goal.

The next good moment came in the 65th minute and it was for Olympiacos once again. After a corner kick, the ball went from the left side to Podensi, who sent a perfect pass into a pipe. He turned and shot, but the ball went over Ludingen's goal.

In the 75th minute, the home team got off to a good start in front of Masoura from the right side after a pass from Mandy Kamara, which the Greek winger turned parallel to Bodense, but Ludingen cut the ball before it reached the Portuguese and was even injured during the intervention. By Vaianidis found him injured in his elbow, which led to the match being stopped for several minutes.

Have a good time with Sporar

In the 81st minute of the match, Panathinaikos presented a very impressive phase after executing a side ball from the left side, which Verbeek passed to Kotsiras, who found Sporar with his heel inside the area and to the left. The Slovenian brought the ball down, shot the ball, but Paschalakis deflected it into a corner kick.

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Olympiacos had a good moment five minutes later as Fortounis turned from the right flank and on the move, piped a shot past the Panathinaikos goalkeeper.

Paschalakis kept a clean sheet 90+10'

The normal duration of the match ended with two stages for Panathinaikos. First, in the 90+6 minute, Kotsiras had space and shot the ball wide of the net from long range.

At the 90+10 minute, Al-Clover wasted the biggest opportunity in the match. After Sporar's header, Verbeek put the shot inside the area and Paschalakis made a superb save to keep the goal at home as the game went into extra time.

Olympiacos is better in extra time

The first good moment of extra time came in the 99th minute for Olympiacos. Podensi blocked the ball from the left side, and Jovetic headed it past Aarau with a shot wide of the target.

In the last minute of the first part of extra time, after a development down the left side, the ball reached Ortega who curled in a shot, Lodingen blocked the ball and then raced wide for a corner kick.

In the second half of extra time, Olympiacos had the upper hand and was better, putting pressure on the Panathinaikos defense, which succeeded in keeping a clean sheet and leading the match to penalty kicks, where Al-Nafal qualified.

Olympic: Paschalakis, Rodini, Doi, Biancone (115' Iborra), Ortega, Essie (100' Carvalho), Alexandropoulos (63' Pontensi), Camara, Masouras (90+1 Jovetic), Fortunis (115' Frosai), Navarro (106) . Gilson Martinez.

Panathinaikos: Lodgin, Vagianidis, Gidvai, Arau, Huancar (90+6' Mladenovic), Kotsiras, Vilina (66' Perez), Bernard (67' Zika), Mancini (105' Mancini).Verbeek (90+8' Aitor), Bernard, Sporar (105' Akidin).

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