July 14, 2024

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A young child got stuck inside a Tesla and his grandfather was terrified (+ video)

A young child got stuck inside a Tesla and his grandfather was terrified (+ video)

Modern technologies and bad lies are an important privilege of man and his daily life. All of this, however, goes awry when systems are critical They stopped working Instead of making things easier for a person in the end, they make his life very difficult, and even dangerous.

In Arizona, USA, an elderly woman had a first-degree negative experience with technology. In her usual career with grandson He followed the same routine he always did. In other words, he strapped the little boy to the special seat In the back, he closed the door and walked to the other side of the car to get into the driver’s seat.

It was a surprise when I went to open it Electric door From Tesla refused to work. The Tesla remained locked with the child inside and the grandmother was unable to respond. Call her immediately Fire department To help her, once they arrived at the scene, they broke the window and took the child out of the car.

The incident had a happy ending, but it is certain that this woman will soon be replacing her Tesla with another vehicle. Whatever the case, Tesla’s power door system is there Manual opening system In case of emergency, but only from inside the vehicle.

So the lesson is that if our car doors are electric and there is a possibility that the battery will run dry, we should know the alternative way to get into the car. And theā€¦ It is a good idea not to leave children and animals behind Within themselves.

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