June 13, 2024

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Achilles Pius: “Now shut up, I have brought two buckets of vinegar”

Achilles Pius: “Now shut up, I have brought two buckets of vinegar”

In an interview with him, Achilles Pius humiliated his political opponents. The Volos mayor said that his opponents are trying to make it, as he puts it, black and white.

“The city will be in a state of emergency until March. I hope that the financial problem of paying the retreatants will be solved by noon. 3,000,000 euros from the state have entered the municipal coffers. There is a big bureaucratic problem. My country and the Greek people are paying for all this. The competent ministers are ready, but this will take time. “Laws must be issued to abolish the practice,” said the mayor of Volos.

“I will be mayor for 105 years”

“In December, I will complete 9 years as the mayor of Volos, and no one doubts that I fought to bring Volos forward, not from the background of 200 families. A whole city worked for their own interests. Together with my partners, we made a great effort. Even on weekdays, there was no accommodation. It was difficult. effort, but we were proud of it.”

He added, “Today we have arrived, in a part, I don’t know how to characterize, I want to tell them that I will be mayor for 105 years, because the agitation they express and the hostility they create strengthens me. Volos must heal and let everyone know that it is a beautiful and clean city. .Not only do workers and industrialists have all these obligations, but so do our children.

Volos is in a state of emergency until March

The mayor of Volos said the city will remain in a state of emergency until March

Pew’s attack on local media – ‘Aren’t you ashamed to vilify your town?’

Then Achilles Pios launched a scathing attack on the local media: “Aren’t you ashamed of defaming your city? That’s enough! I brought two truckloads of vinegar. I said let’s hold another election. Papapetro and I will cover the costs, not the citizens.

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“I didn’t like the election pipeline and proved it. It is symbolism. When the mayor does it first, we all have to participate. It represents unity. I don’t blame those who don’t, but screw it. Attack me personally, but not the city.’