June 13, 2024

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Activists of the “Last Generation” group are accused of forming a criminal organization

Activists of the “Last Generation” group are accused of forming a criminal organization

At least 7 members of the climate activist group Letzte Generation have been charged in Germany with forming and supporting a criminal organisation, BILD reported on the group that has recently become notorious for its vigorous climate change protests.

According to Bild newspaper, early Wednesday morning (24.5.2023), 170 police officers conducted a sudden search for 15 properties belonging to the activist group in several German cities, such as Berlin, Bavaria, Hesse, Hamburg, Saxony-Anhalt in Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.

The seven suspects, who range in age from 22 to 38, are said to have collected €1.4m in donations between the middle of last year and today..

According to the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office, the money “helped make a mess” of the “last generation”, so assets and accounts were confiscated. The same thing happened with the organization’s website, which was taken down by the authorities.

Violent protests against climate change

Members of the “last generation” are accustomed to sticking their palms into the asphalt of the central road arteries, causing daily chaos in megacities.

Two suspects are also believed responsible for an attempted sabotage of the Trieste-Ingolstadt oil pipeline in April, while last year activists attacked the PCK Schwedt refinery in Brandenburg, stopping the flow of oil supplying northeastern Germany and parts of Poland.

Among the suspects is the – now famous – activist from Saxony Christian Bloel, who was not arrested, however, because he is on holiday. However, the police searched his home and confiscated various items.

They also protested by dumping the prepared mash on Monet’s painting Chimneys in the Barberini Museum in Germany, as well as the black liquid on the monument where the Articles of the Constitution are inscribed, near the Bundestag building.

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“The judiciary is taking action. This is also the right message from a defensive constitutional state. Citizens, who suffer daily from thousands of street terrors caused by so-called ‘climate saviors’, are now seen as the victims,” ​​police union chief Rainer Witt told BILD. the real criminals.

Last year alone, it raised 900,000 euros

The Stuttgarter Zeitung recently published an investigation into the funding of the Last Generation organization, showing that its business costs hundreds of thousands of euros a year, for banners, posters, glue, transportation, museum tickets and meeting room rentals.

According to the transparency report issued by the organization, 500,000 euros were spent in 2022, and 50% of the amount was allocated to travel and renting accommodation for activists.

The organization claims that the money comes primarily from donors who support the group’s goals and from its sponsor, the US Climate Emergency Fund. Through the organization’s website, one can pay with PayPal, GooglePay, or a credit card, while crowdfunding events are held frequently.

Last year alone, 900,000 euros were raised. According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, many members of the organization receive a monthly “salary” of 950 to 1,800 euros, because they have given up their jobs to devote themselves exclusively to activism.

Source: APE-MEB

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