February 22, 2024

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Actor Nikos Vandoros has died at the age of 99

Actor Nikos Vandoros has died at the age of 99

Veteran actor Nikos Vandoros has died at the age of 99. This news was announced by Margarita Fandoro via her Facebook post.

The news of the death of Nikos Vandoros on Thursday afternoon (02/01/2024) caused sadness in the artistic community.

The unpleasant news was announced on behalf of the family by Margarita Fandoro.

“Our beloved father and grandfather Nikos Vandoros passed away, peaceful and full of days.

He has touched the lives of many people and many loved ones are waiting for him in their arms,” he wrote, uploading photos from the life and career of the famous actor.

She concluded her post by saying: “Goodbye, Nico.”

Who is Nikos Vandoros?

Nikos Fandoros was born in Athens, on 12 December 1924. He had two children, Mary and the actor Theophilos, who died at the age of 60 from cancer.

In addition to being an actor, Nikos Vandoros has been an active firefighter with the fire brigade since 1943 for 33 years.

His father, Gerasimos Fandoros, was for a short time a melodrama baritone and his mother (under the pseudonym Sonia Iatraidou) appeared in the theater as an operetta soprano.

Nikos Vandoros studied at the Higher Commercial School, the Melodrama School of the Hellenic Conservatory and the Drama School of the National Theater.

He made his debut on stage as a tenor in an operetta in 1956. He began his career in prose theater in 1958 with the Nikos Hadjiskos troupe.

He also collaborated with the troupes of Dimitris Merat, Dimitris Fotopoulos, Ili Lampitis, Smaroulas Ioulis, Dionysis Pagoulatos, Anna Manzouranis, Kostis Livadias, Lambros Konstandaras, with the “Hellenic People's Theater” of Manos Katrakis, etc. In cinema, he appeared in 27 films, including Jenny Jenny (1965). He also played roles in television series (his featured role in the series At the Camping).

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