February 20, 2024

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“I don't hold it in any way, I think it's a little.”

“I don't hold it in any way, I think it's a little.”

Strong reactions caused SKAI to decide to broadcast “Fay's Time” as usual, despite Fay Scorda's absence due to her father's death. Lambros Konstandaras recorded yesterday (31/1) what he heard.

The appointment of Lambros Konstandaras sparked a reaction from Katerina Kenurgio, who raged against him today (1/2) through her presentation.

“The man who every day raises quarrels and disputes speaks and exposes himself… I don't carry it in anything, it doesn't matter! Sorry to say that. I appreciate their other partners so much, they did nothing for me with this particular one… I appreciate him, you're right, but I want to say two things. Maybe whatever happened with Faye and you were upset, This one in particular has a very large share of responsibility!said Caterina Kenorghiu at the beginning.

He also added: “We are talking about a person who speaks in vulgar terms about others!” He spoke the worst to me, while until last year he was sending me some blasphemous messages. I have no regard for him. I don't want to talk about Constantaras. I think it's a little. Faye deserves someone much better on her team. This is my opinion! I don't want to talk about this person».

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